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Kitchen Helpers
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Item: 713416

Kitchen Strips


4.2 (9)

Item: 712160

Food Covers



4.4 (64)

Item: 714738

Jubilee® Wax


4.8 (32)

Item: 710811

Water Eater

$14.99 to $19.99

3.8 (6)

Item: 715379

Lady Dish Brush™


Item: 713798

Door Storage Rack

$24.99 to $29.99

4.2 (100)

Item: 715501



Item: 715378

Milk Spout 2pk


Item: 714301

Burger Press & Wax Paper Squares

$7.99 to $19.99

4.7 (19)

Item: 715388

Taco Stand/4-Pack


Item: 715376

Baggy Opener Pro


5.0 (1)

Item: 087159

Silicone Lid Opener


1.0 (1)

Item: 029986

Waffle Weave Dishcloth


4.6 (10)

Item: 715454

Glide Mats


Item: 715605

Can Opener


Item: 029869

One-Cup Coffee Maker


3.9 (45)

Item: 024033

Big Red Tomatoes


3.7 (15)

Item: 172389



Item: 172388

Ice Crusher


2.0 (1)

Item: 715320

Hover Timer


Item: 715418

Deviled Egg Maker


Item: 029700

Grow Your Own Fruit



1.0 (2)

Item: 172062



Item: 715435

Silicone Oven Mitt


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Buy Kitchen Helpers for Home Chefs of All Skill Levels

Whether we're cooking, cleaning, or serving, we can all use a hand in the kitchen every now and then. With our kitchen helpers and gadgets, anyone can save time by simplifying their day-to-day culinary efforts. We have designed each and every one of our products to provide unmatched practical utility.Harriet Carter's kitchen collection can address any culinary need. From meal prep and cooking to storage and cleaning, our selection provides a solution for everything. Looking for a gift? Need some extra help with your cooking? Buy our kitchen helpers and make a world of difference.

Creative Cooking Solutions

Add some spice to your culinary life with our diverse selection of cookbooks, or buy kitchen helpers that make cooking a breeze. Whatever your kitchen needs may be, we have a product that fits the bill.Looking for healthy meals to accommodate loved ones with diabetes or allergies? Just want to find a cobbler to be your family's new dessert staple? We have the cookbook for you. The best-selling cookbooks we offer can revitalize even the strictest of diets.The inventions we carry range from more specialized tools like corn strippers and taco stands to ceramic and steel pots and pans that can last you a lifetime. From the extraordinary to the everyday, we have the perfect kitchen helper for you.

Organize, Categorize, & Store

Have you purchased some of our kitchen helpers, but don't know how you'll store them all? We stock plenty of creative organizational solutions to help keep your kitchen orderly. Increase your kitchen space with expandable shelves. Store leftovers to keep them fresh as the day you made them. Once you use some of our products in your day-to-day routine, you will wonder how you ever lived without.Keep all your utensils, pots, and pans neat and tidy. Know exactly where you left every dish and cooking tool. Struggling to contain the chaos? Our kitchen helpers will come to the rescue.

Cleaner Kitchens Than Ever Before

Every cook knows that almost every tremendous meal comes with an equally tremendous mess to clean up afterward. Buy our kitchen helpers, however, and you will find that clean-up is quick and easy -- or even completely unnecessary. The stain removers, drain boards, and mops we provide all work together to help make your kitchen mess and stress-free.Whether you would like to protect your kitchen (and yourself!) from grease with a non-stick splatter shield or decorate your space with functional yet aesthetically-pleasing towels, we have the perfect products for you. Be a kitchen-cleaning superhero with our kitchen helper sidekicks!

The Harriet Carter Guarantee

With our "Money Back If Not Delighted" guarantee, you will be sure to be satisfied with your kitchen helper purchases. Since 1958, we have offered only original and ingenious products and gifts. Many of the items in our catalog simply are not available anywhere else.As a family-owned and operated company since the very beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to customer satisfaction. Order by web or phone today!