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Item: 024121

Manual Paper Shredder


3.9 (29)

Item: 711130

Fuller® Full Crystal

$9.98 to $19.98

5.0 (4)

Item: 710811

Water Eater

$12.98 to $19.98

3.8 (6)

Item: 713634


More Colors


4.6 (213)

Item: 087444

Arctic Hat™


4.5 (2)

Item: 087409

Gopher® Pro


Item: 087402

Owl Alert™


2.6 (7)

Item: 711711

Bell & Howell Lamp™

$19.98 to $49.98

4.5 (95)

Item: 711199

Outlet Switch Set


5.0 (2)

Item: 711359

Marble Burner Covers

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5.0 (1)

Item: 712614

Privacy Net

More Colors


4.6 (71)

Item: 086729

Anti-Snore Chin Strap


2.8 (5)

Item: 711505

Leg Lift Pillow


4.1 (117)

Item: 711483

Pet Zoom™ Sonic Pet Trainer



4.3 (100)

Item: 121159

The Climb Cart™



4.5 (33)

Item: 713569


More Colors


4.3 (12)

Item: 710687

Mesh Door


4.0 (3)

Item: 713002

Lever Extender


4.5 (116)

Item: 711283

Shower Rug & Mat

More Colors

$14.98 to $19.98

3.8 (41)

Item: 711876

Wrap Around Bed Ruffle

More Colors

$14.98 to $19.98

Item: 711916

Pest Repellers

$14.98 to $19.98

3.8 (49)

Item: 086846

SUV Step


4.0 (9)

Item: 121178

Better Brella

More Colors



4.7 (31)

Item: 087100

EZ Go Toilet Stool



4.7 (3)

Item: 714927

Loveseat or Sofa Savers

$12.85 to $17.50

3.0 (3)

Item: 713429

Tub & Shower Grip Bar

$14.98 to $19.98

Item: 713647

Tractor Seat Cover


4.8 (81)

Item: 029696

LED Desk Lamps


4.1 (35)

Item: 711464

Doggy Steps


3.0 (2)

Item: 711294

The Executor's Handbook


5.0 (1)

Item: 710729

Cordless Water Pump



4.4 (72)
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Buy Unique Household Products from Harriet

When you buy unique household products from Harriet Carter, you will simplify your life. For more than 60 years, we have provided customers with useful and distinctive items that are perfect additions to your household or unique gifts for your friends and family. From helpful household products and handy household gadgets to personalized gifts, the possibilities are endless when you shop online with Harriet Carter.

Explore Our Helpful Household Items

We have a variety of helpful household products that are designed to make your daily life just a little easier. Explore the wide selection of bargain household items on sale at our online store:
  • Household Cleaning Supplies
  • Lighting
  • Organization Tools
  • Entertaining Books and Games
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Supportive Cushions
  • Furniture Protectors and Repair Kits
  • Decorative Pillows
  • Pet Gifts and Supplies

As Seen on TV Products

We also carry many As Seen on TV products that will take you from the kitchen to the bedroom. These clever items provide simple solutions to everyday problems. Here are a few of our top sellers:
  • NutriSlicer, a kitchen tool that quickly slices, shreds, & grates cooking ingredients.
  • Miracle Bamboo® Cushion, support cushion that makes any chair comfy.
  • Magic Bax™, earring lifters that stop heavy earrings from drooping.
  • Baseboard Buddy, a clever baseboard cleaner that makes it easy to reach low places.

Wonderful Gifts

Having a hard time shopping for friends and family? Finding the right gift has never been easier! You can buy unique household products that will delight all of your loved ones. Whether you're searching for a specific item or casually browsing, you're sure to find the perfect present at Harriet Carter's online shop. We even offer options for FREE personalization!

Incredibly Convenient

Harriet Carter has always strived to make finding great gifts and products effortless. Why venture out into overcrowded shopping centers and malls when you can discover the right item from the comfort of your home?Although we still provide our timeless catalog, we understand the convenience of ordering online. With our online store, you have the option of ordering helpful household products 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are always on-call to provide assistance.

Our Guarantee To You

Since we created our first successful item in 1958, we have been committed to providing customers with 100% satisfaction on all of their orders. That is why we offer our "Money Back If Not Delighted" guarantee. If you are not pleased with your product for any reason, we will give you the opportunity to exchange it or receive a refund of the entire purchase price. At Harriet Carter, we are sure that you will love the bargain household items on sale in our online store, which is why we are happy to offer this money back guarantee to you.

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With our affordable prices and unbeatable customer satisfaction guarantee, ordering from Harriet Carter is a no-brainer. We pride ourselves on being a trusted retailer of distinctive gifts. From everyday household products to specialty items and As Seen on TV products, we have everything you could think of in our easy-to-use online shop. Start shopping online with Harriet Carter today to explore a variety of helpful household items!