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Spend less time cleaning!

Most of us don't relish housework. And, if we save it all up for Saturday, it seems like a monumental task. So, here are some quick tips to make cleaning easier.

Set a timer

Put 10 minutes on the oven timer and challenge yourself to see how much clutter you can pick up in that time. Or pick another task you can do in that time-frame, like cleaning off and sanitizing kitchen counters, unloading the dishwasher or emptying wastebaskets. You'll be amazed how much cleaner a room can look with just 10 minutes of pick up. Harriet Carter has toilet cleaners, bathroom cleaners, stove top cleaners, kitchen cleaners, shower cleaners, cleaning dusters and household cleaning products to make the work so much faster and easier. And, if your split the work up into small tasks, it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

Give your floors the once over

A few times a week, run a dry sweeper over your wood, tile or linoleum floors. Your house will look so much cleaner and your weekly mopping will take less time. You can even wear our Mop Slippers to pick up dirt, dust and pet hair with no effort on your part. A spin mop makes cleaning floors faster and easier because it cleans, dries and polishes your floor all at once. Use a carpet shampooer on occasion to lift-out the really set-in dirt.

And don't forget your disposal!

You can quickly sanitize your disposal by throwing a cut-up lemon, ice and salt into your disposal. The ice and salt clean away food residue while the lemon deodorizes.

Save yourself some steps

Put a few extra trash bags in the bottom of your trash can. Then, when you pull out the full bag, you have another trash bag right there. Similarly, if you have a cat, store small disposal bags by the litter box so it's easy to scoop or empty. Harriet Carter has a full line of time-saving cleaning products like the Hurricane© Spin Mop, shampooers, dusters, dust busters, cleaning cloths, brush sets, deodorizers, sanitizing sprays and so much more to keep your house fresh and clean.