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Hand & Foot Care
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Item: 711253

Scrub Sandal


3.8 (4)

Item: 029569

Cozy Gripper Socks


4.7 (75)

Item: 121281

Easy-Grip Nail Clipper


4.8 (10)

Item: 711040

Soft Gel Toe Spacers


2.5 (2)

Item: 715211

Gel Toe Caps


4.2 (27)

Item: 171882

Magno Gloves


4.5 (16)

Item: 715214

Gel Thumb Support


4.1 (61)

Item: 087631



5.0 (2)

Item: 02810800

Easy Grip Giant Nippers


2.9 (32)

Item: 086853

Gel Toe Straighteners


2.7 (9)

Item: 074287



4.1 (24)

Item: 087332

Copper Fit™ Gloves


4.7 (26)

Item: 713879

Knee Sleeve


4.3 (22)

Item: 711967

Gel Bunion Toe Spreader


4.5 (2)

Item: 086723

Corn and Callus Serum


3.2 (6)

Item: 086677

Bunion Protector


4.3 (14)

Item: 085859

Gel Heel Lifts


4.4 (31)

Item: 086100

Heated Gloves


3.6 (7)

Item: 024019

Varicose Away Gel


3.6 (9)

Item: 172111

Acu-Massage Toe Socks


4.1 (10)

Item: 028716

Detox Foot Patches

$14.99 to $39.99

4.4 (18)
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Overcome pain with hand and foot care aids

Hand and foot pain can really slow you down and put a stop to your day. That's why at Harriet Carter we've selected the very best aids in hand care and foot care to keep the pain at bay so your life is no longer interrupted!

Keep your hands active with customer favorites

Arthritis gloves are soothing, comfortable and give your fingers more dexterity than they've had in years! Simply stretch on a pair and feel the warmth and gentle compression relieve achy hands, fingers and wrists. You won't believe how quickly they help ease the throbbing, tingling and swelling! We also have the ultra-popular As Seen On TV product Copper Fit Gloves! These comfy, adjustable gloves are copper-infused to help promote better circulation so you can enjoy less cramping and pain-free wrists, joints, palms and fingers. Customers rave that they feel like a second layer of skin and love its open finger design for complete feeling and control. If arthritic fingers and wrists are your problem, we're here to lend a helping hand!

Walk pain free with relief from swelling and stinging

Got aching feet and legs? We can walk you in the right direction. From your calves to the tips of your toes, Harriet Carter has exactly what you need to mitigate the pain. Try a pair of our knee-high zipper compression socks for ultimate relief from swelling and stinging pain. These socks zip from ankle to knee and resist pinching, so they're super comfortable and easy to put on! If you're diabetic, we also offer super-stretchy styles that never bind yet always keep you warm and cozy. Whether you have plantar fasciitis, bone spurs or just general pain, we have the exact heel protectors that you need to keep you in step with your day. Over time heels lose their natural cushioning, but our lightweight, super-soft gel pads absorb shock, prevent rubbing to make walking pleasant and painless!

Take the pressure off your toes

If toes are more of your pain point, our reusable toe separators are just the thing you need. They help straighten crooked and overlapping toes to relieve the irritating symptoms associated with bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes and other foot ailments. For extra cushioning details, slip on our medical-grade gel toe caps. They're diabetic-friendly and easily fit over your entire toe to ease pressure and friction from ingrown nails, corns, hammer toes, calluses and blisters. Your entire foot will be wrapped in pillow-like softness and expert-level support. Each step will be like a walk in the clouds!

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