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Item: 713914

Chrome Pedal Exerciser


3.5 (60)

Item: 073593

Total Body Exerciser


2.9 (49)

Item: 087261

12" Trimmer Belt


3.7 (11)

Item: 713879

Knee Sleeve


4.3 (22)

Item: 714391

Exercise Band Set


4.2 (11)

Item: 073806

Talking Scale


4.5 (35)

Item: 172815

Keto BHB Pro Blend


Item: 087155

Fat Freezing Belt


$14.99 to $99.99

3.9 (12)

Item: 190165

LED Flashing Armband



1.0 (1)

Item: 171862

Defiance Diet Drops



Item: 180643

Magnilife® Essential Oil Diet Blend



Item: 087298

Sauna Suit



5.0 (1)

Item: 171864

Tri Active Biotics



Item: 018646

Verseo® Arm Wrap Kit


2.0 (3)

Item: 171861

Anti-Gravity Pills



4.0 (1)

Item: 190383

Night Slim Skinny Tea


3.0 (5)
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Keep your fitness resolution year round

Diets, workouts and new year's resolutions can be intimidating, but Harriet Carter makes fitness easy for the entire year! We also have easy-to-read bathroom scales, some are even talk and read aloud to you.

Trim down with health in mind

Looking to get trim? We have a vast selection of weight loss supplements that boast potent, natural ingredients with clinically proven results! We also stay on top of all the latest trends, yes, that's right, that means keto supplements are here! The super-popular high-fat, low-carb plan may be just what you need to meet your goals. Trying to lose weight is stressful, but our customer-trusted diet supplements help you suppress hunger, blast stubborn fat and lose those extra pounds and inches.

Vitamins to boost your health

Excellent nutrition is also important for overall health. At Harriet Carter, we offer natural, vitamin-packed options that are found in everyday superfoods - such as turmeric, ginger and beet powder. Not only will these natural ingredients give you goodness from the inside out, but they've also long been used in ayurvedic medicine to support cardiovascular, joint and immune health.

At home fitness for progress everyday

You don't need an expensive gym membership or personal trainer to get in shape. We can help you find a fitness routine that's fun and invigorating yet easy on the joints! Choose from a selection of high-quality equipment that delivers low impact exercises, so you'll never have to worry about pain or strain. And on the days you need a break from working out, try a slimming belt to slenderize your silhouette while you're relaxing, watching TV or doing things around the house.

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