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Home and Away

Travel in style and ease with As Seen On TV products that are innovative and useful for many everyday needs. Simple solutions offered by As Seen On TV products turn once daunting tasks into simple solutions. Organization and safety is important for travelers and people on the go. And our collection of As Seen On TV products offer effective solutions to make your day better. On the go or staying home, Harriet Carter also has a wide selection of home and outdoor helpers to aid in creating your home sweet home. From lawn care solutions, pest control options, to solar powered outdoor lighting, we have you covered!

Pest Control

With all the work you put into creating a beautiful lawn and garden, you don't want to have it overrun with outdoor pests. Owl Alert™ emits ultrasonic sounds that only animals can hear to safely deter raccoons, deer, rabbits and other critters without chemicals or pesticides. It also adds an interesting focal point to any outdoor space! Without the worry of outdoor pests and the damage they can cause, you'll be able to enjoy your yard like never before.

The lawn of your dreams!

A beautiful lawn starts with a yard full of lush, green grass that will make the neighbors jealous! Hardy Canadian Green™ Grass will grow on almost any surface and is tough enough to withstand cold, heat, drought, wind and snow. And to keep your lush lawn watered and looking its best, the Silver Bullet™ Hose is here to help! This amazing expandable pocket hose quickly grows from pocket-size to full-size when you turn the water on and when you're done, it shrinks right back! It's perfect for watering your prized garden or grass without having to lug around a heavy, cumbersome hose. With Harriet Carter's As Seen on TV lawn products, you'll finally have the lawn you've always wanted!

Get out and about much easier

Going shopping, running errands, getting to the doctor or lunch with friends, everyone needs the freedom to perform life's everyday tasks. At Harriet Carter, we have the products that keep you moving. Make driving easier and safer day or night with TacVisor™. It blocks glare from the sun and oncoming headlights so you can feel safe and confident while driving whether it's light or dark. And forget lugging around heavy bags when you get home from shopping, Climb Cart™ can carry all your packages and