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GET RID OF STUBBORN TOILET, TUB & SINK STAINS FAST! Just wet this pumice stone wand to gently remove tough rust, calcium, lime and hard water stains. Works on porcelain and ceramic; won’t scratch surfaces. Has a comfort-grip handle. 12½" L.

Remove Set-In Stains with the Toilet Pumice Brush

Stop scrubbing and scrubbing your toilet, tub, or sink just to see the same stubborn stains day after day. Instead, wet this handy Toilet Pumice Brush and watch those stains disappear in only a few swipes. It even has a comfort-grip handle to protect your hands and promote easier use.

Make Stubborn Stains Disappear

When nothing else seems to work, the Toilet Pumice Brush is the answer to your housekeeping woes. Put in just a little elbow grease, and this brush will quickly remove the big offenders in your bathroom and kitchen, including unsightly stains caused by:

  • Rust

  • Calcium

  • Lime

  • Hard Water

  • Grease

Even the most exacting housekeeper won’t find any fault with your home when you use this highly-effective (but surprisingly gentle) tool. Toilet rings and other unwanted stains will be 100% gone.

Gentle On Porcelain and Ceramic

The Toilet Pumice Brush isn’t the same as the pumice stones that you use to clean calluses off your feet. This is a softer type of pumice with finer abrasive grit. It will remove tough-to-clean stains with a quick swipe but won’t leave any scratches on your toilet, tub, or sink.

Safe for Your Family

Unlike chemical cleaners, the Toilet Pumice Brush is safe for use around children and pets. There are no smelly fumes, and you aren’t releasing any dangerous chemicals into the environment around your home. This incredible bathroom cleaning brush is made with natural materials.

Available Online at Harriet Carter

The Toilet Pumice Brush is available at Harriet Carter, the best online source for unique and helpful products and gifts! If you buy the Toilet Pumice Brush and aren’t delighted with its stain-busting powers, then you get your MONEY BACK. Order yours today!


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    Love it

    This item really works, but my husband accidentally threw it away! Sure wish the company could send me a replacement.

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