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TALKING ATOMIC WATCH IS ALWAYS ACCURATE! At the push of a button, you’ll instantly hear the time in a clear voice. Watch automatically sets itself to the correct time based on signals from the U.S. atomic clock. It even updates for Daylight Savings! Has large, easy-read numbers, genuine leather band, sweep second hand, daily alarm function. Includes cell battery. 9½" L.

Always Know the Time with the Talking Atomic Watch

Say hello to the only watch you’ll ever need! The Talking Atomic Watch is always accurate, even after Daylight Savings or a Leap Year! It will read the time out loud to you at the press of a button, and its numbers are large and easy-to-read. This stylish, battery-powered watch also has a genuine leather band.

How Does an Atomic Watch Work?

An atomic watch receives a radio signal every night that keeps it perfectly synchronized with the U.S. atomic clock in Colorado, which has a broadcast radius that covers 1,864 miles — the majority of the continental United States.

Do I Ever Need to Adjust My Talking Atomic Watch?

Your Talking Atomic Watch always knows what time it is, but it doesn’t have GPS software inside. That means that it won’t know if you cross into another time zone in the U.S. Once you adjust your watch for a different time zone, it will continue to set its time based on that time zone.

Additionally, if you travel overseas, far from the Colorado atomic clock’s signal, then your Talking Atomic Watch will function as a regular watch until you return home.

Wake Up On Time Every Morning

The Talking Atomic Watch has a daily alarm function that will ensure that you always wake up on time. You don’t have to stress about your power going out in the middle of the night, your phone’s battery dying, or a too-slow clock messing up your morning routine. This will be the most accurate alarm you’ve ever had.

Does that sound good to you? Then maybe it’s TIME to buy the Talking Atomic Watch from Harriet Carter!


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    I ordered this as a Christmas gift. Received after the New Year. That in itself was upsetting. Watch is mostly plastic and the voice is not very loud. "Leather" band already has scuff's on it and is not supple, but a stiff leather, probably bonded and thus the scuff marks. Not worth the cost.

  2. star star star star star 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Atomic talking watch

    No instruction came with it,can’t set....wrong time.

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