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Snap-Lock Snack Box keeps your munchies crisp. The sectioned interior lets you pack fruit and yogurt, dips and veggies or hummus and pita bread. It’s leak proof so you won’t have a soggy mess. Holds 1 ¾ cups, is microwave and dishwasher safe. Made of BPA-free plastic. 7” L.

Keep Your Lunch Fresh with the Snap-Lock Snack Box

Whether you work a full 40 hours per work or more, or you are still a student, it is critical to have a nutritious, healthy snack to give you fuel and energy during your day. Frequently, though, this can easily slip our minds. With all of the tasks that need to be done and schedules that need to be kept, remembering to pack even so much as a quick bite can become tricky.

To help yourself get into the habit of preparing a wholesome snack for your busy day, purchasing a high-quality snack container can go a long way in giving you that push you need to start living a healthier lifestyle. That’s where the Snap-Lock Snack Box from Harriet Carter can give you a hand.

Never Struggle with Packing Your Favorite Snack Again

With the Snap-Lock Snack Box, packing a healthy snack such as fruit or vegetables is a breeze! The snack box comes with a sectioned interior, with one compartment for fruits and vegetables and another for dips such as dressings, hummus, or yogurt. Because the Snap-Lock Snack Box is completely leak-proof, you’ll be able to easily carry your snack to work or school without your dip spilling all over the rest of your food.

Convenience and Safety in One

The Snap-Lock Snack Box measures at 7” long and is capable of holding 1¾ cups, making it perfect for small yet satisfying daily snacks. The snack box is also microwave and dishwasher friendly, making it simple to warm up your food in the office microwave and easily clean it afterward.

The Snap-Lock Snack Box is manufactured from BPA-free plastic for optimally safe use.

Start Packing Your Lunch Today

The Snap-Lock Snack Box is just the thing you need for convenient daily snacking. Don’t wait — buy it online from Harriet Carter today!

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