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SKILLET ORGANIZER fits inside kitchen cabinets both vertically and horizontally to neatly store pans and reduce closet clutter. Tiered rack holds up to five skillets in one tidy space! Sturdy steel frame can also stand on countertop. 11" x 9¼" x 8".


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    Skillet organizer

    Clang, clang, clang - oh, the noise so early in the morning. My husband, who is a very early riser, must be making eggs for breakfast, and his preferred skillet is in the middle of the six we own, all stacked in the bottom cupboard. No more! We installed the skillet organizer vertically, and now they are all stacked but separated so he can easily slide one out - quietly. It's nothing high tech, but it solves our problem. It is what it is, and it works well for us.

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    Skillet Organizer

    I tried to use this rack but the pans kept slipping out. Same with the lids. I ordered two of these and had to return them.

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