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NO MORE BENDING OR BALANCING TO CLEAN YOUR FEET! Foot scrub sandal is designed to clean the top and bottom of your foot and between your toes with one easy back and forth motion. Suction cups keep it firmly affixed to the shower floor. Ideal if you have mobility issues or difficulty reaching your feet. Rinse-clean plastic.

Give Your Feet a Proper Shower with the Scrub Sandal

For those who struggle with stretching and bending, many otherwise-simple daily tasks can often prove to be challenging. Whether it’s cleaning your house, picking objects up from the floor, or putting on your shoes each day, having limitations in stooping and bending can often leave you feeling discouraged.

About the Scrub Sandal from Harriet Carter

However, thankfully there are tools and products available that can make some routine tasks a little easier as you go about your day. The Scrub Sandal from Harriet Carter is designed to facilitate washing your feet as you shower, easily and carefully. With suction cups on the bottom that enable it to remain anchored to the shower floor, the Scrub Sandal is built with brushes on the top and bottom to cover all areas of your feet.

By inserting your foot into the Scrub Sandal and making a back-and-forth motion, you can effortlessly wash your entire foot without having to bend over or try to balance standing on one leg. The Scrub Sandal is made from smooth plastic that quickly washes clean in water, and is perfect for those who experience limitations in bending or stretching downwards.

When it comes to your health, you can never be too careful. In general, cleaning your feet is essential for smooth and healthy feet, so give them the proper attention and care. Get the Scrub Sandal today to help ensure the health and vitality of your feet today!

Order From Harriet Carter Today!

If you have any questions about the Scrub Sandal, or if you would like to learn more about our products and offerings, feel free to reach out and order yours online today!

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