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IT’S THE MASTER OF MEDIA! PORTABLE BOOM BOX plays CDs, plus it also plays and records directly to cassette tapes. Equipped with a digital AM/FM radio (pre-set up to 40 stations!), a 3.5mm Aux-in jack for smartphones, MP3 players and other audio devices (audio cable not incl.), and a headphone jack. Power up with the included AC adapter, or 8 C batteries (not incl.). 11¾" W x 8¾" D x 5" H.

Portable Boom Box for the Music You Love

Most of us have a particular era of music we love. Whether the music you connect to is contemporary or goes back to the 90s, 70s, or even 50s, one of the wonders of modern technology is the ability to take music that was produced in a different time and play it over modern audio.

However, many of us have older music that is not compatible with modern systems. Whether we have a collection of classic cassette tapes or old CDs, the devices needed to play the past tunes we cherish are not always easy to find.

If you have a collection of older music that you yearn to hear again, Harriet Carter has the perfect item for you! With the Portable Boom Box from Harriet Carter, you can experience the sounds of the music that really takes you back.

Hear Your Favorite Tunes on Our Portable Boom Box

The Portable Boom Box can play all of your favorite music, anywhere, and at any time! Not only is this boom box capable of playing any CD, but it can also play and even record directly to cassette tapes. A rare find in today’s day and age, the Portable Boom Box is what you need to play all of the hits that you can’t find on the modern music scene.

Did we mention that the boom box features a digital AM/FM radio that is pre-set up to 40 stations? The Portable Boom Box also supports MP3 players and other audio devices with a headphone jack, and a 3.5mm Aux-in jack for smartphones. Turn it on with the included AC adapter or 8 C batteries. The boom box measures 11¾" W x 8¾" D x 5" H.

Listen to Your Music Today

To begin listening to your favorite music, order your Portable Boom Box online with Harriet Carter today!

*Audio cable and 8 C batteries not included


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  1. star star star star star 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Sound!

    Such fantastic sound quality from this very affordable boom box! Very simple to use with its digital controls.

  2. star star empty_star empty_star empty_star 2.0 out of 5 stars


    I was thrilled to purchase this reasonably priced boom box for my 71 year old mother who is having a tough time keeping up with the times. She has hundreds of old cassettes and was so excited when I purchased this for her to use. Unfortunately, I have to return it, as it just did not work properly. Her cassettes kept jamming and the door would not open and close properly, some of the CD's did not play either. I don't know if we just received one that was possibly a defect or what, but I'm extremely sad to see it go. I appreciate Harriet Carter sending me a prepaid label to return and thought that was a beautiful gesture. Therefore, once I receive my credit, I will absolutely use it for another purchase because I love the unique items they provide!

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