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DEAL CARDS LIKE A PRO! Battery-operated device automatically deals playing cards at lightning-fast speed. Simply slide your cards forward with a gentle touch of a finger and dealer does the rest! No awkward stretching to reach across a game table, and no flipped cards. Works with any standard-size deck of cards (not incl.). Uses 2 AA batteries (not incl.). 5½" L x 3-1/8" W.


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    Playing Card SHOOTER!

    This is really a “hoot”! It was given as a joke gift for someone who struggles with dealing. It takes a bit to get used to it. There is a dial that helps with the speed...but it really shoots those cards out. They often flip over and speed across the table. The cards often end up on the floor. It is difficult to deal a card to yourself and the awkwardness of this ultimately takes more time than if you just dealt them by hand. It is funny though! Perhaps this would be helpful to someone with limited hand mobility (arthritis).

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