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CUT PILLS SAFELY & EASILY! Pro RX Disc™ Pill Cutter has a special curved blade that slices, rather than chops pills, so crumbling and waste are reduced. Self-retracting Safe-T-Blade protects fingers as it slices medications in half. The disc carousel features 18 unique pill-shaped cavities to hold various sizes of medication. Includes a pill catch cup for fast, easy retrieval after slicing. BPA-free plastic. 4" W x 2½" D x 1¾" H.


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    Disappointed in Pro X Pill Cutter

    I had high hopes for this pill cutter, but I was greatly disappointed in it. It simply didn't cut the pills cleanly on a consistent basis. I'd say maybe 50 percent were cut cleanly, while the other 50 percent crumbled much of the pill in the cutter. That's not a good record for cutting. It didn't seem to matter how forcefully or gently I pressed down to cut. It simply doesn't do a good job. I can't recommend it.

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    Pro X Pill Cutter

    The description states that the Pro X Pill Cutter has slots for 18 different Pill sizes. I found using the pill cutter that the pill I was attempting to cut had to much movement in the slot. The Cutter didn't cut the pill evenly and also splintered the pill. I imagine with practice a person could split pills as advertised.

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