Loveseat or Sofa Savers


$14.98 – $19.98


LOVESEAT & SOFA SAVERS FIRM UP SAGGING FURNITURE. Droopy, limp cushions get a boost with this quick and easy remedy. Simply place support panel under cushions of your loveseat or sofa with the included anchor clips and feel a difference immediately. Loveseat panel is 44" L x 20" D; sofa panel is 66" L x 20" D.


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    Sofa saver

    This product is cheaply made. It appears to be compromised of cardboard. If I had known, I would not have purchased it. The operator was unable to tell me the material it was made from.

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    Sofa Saver

    I am very pleased with the sofa saver. My couch was sagging really bad and was very uncomfortable to sit on. Unable to purchase new furniture at this time, I decided to try the sofa saver. I am very glad that I did! It perked my couch cushions up like it is a new one. Would definetely recomend this item. Works very well.

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