Knee Brace




KNEE SUPPORT SYSTEM gives strength and flexibility to injured or sensitive joints. Lightweight neoprene brace has built-in metal hinge mechanism at sides to support and protect knee while providing mobility. Hook-and-loop straps adjust for customized comfort.


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    Knee Brace

    I bought it for a friend and it has helped her. She could hardly get up a few stairs , now she can get up them without any problem.

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    The reason I write this is that the Brace itself is a great idea and does helps. However, you have to put it on from the front to the back. It would make it so much easier if you can put it on from the back to the front. I tried to do it from the back to the front, but it would not bend correctly. Very hard to put it on the reverse way that it is now set up to do.

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