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IN-GROUND SOLAR LIGHTS guide the way for family and guests! LED lights collect energy from the sun during the day to shine brightly at night and increase safety and visibility along walkways and garden paths. Install instantly without wiring, cords or electricity—just stake bases flush to the ground! Have on/off switch. Stainless steel with clear poly light casing. Each 4½" diam.

Illuminate Your Yard with In-Ground Solar Lights

There are few better ways to revitalize the look and feel of your yard or walkway than with additional lighting. Not only does it offer extra visibility and safety, but it accentuates the other portions of your yard with a soft, yet inviting light. With in-ground solar lights available at Harriet Carter, you can illuminate your walkways or line your garden, patio, or just about anything else — the possibilities are endless!

Recreate Your Yard

When it comes time to rejuvenate your outdoor space, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much difference some simple, yet chic lighting can make. In-ground LED solar lights along your front walkway or backyard patio can easily add a new dimension to your space with little-to-no work required on your part.

Convenience & Simplicity

When some people think about adding light fixtures to their outdoor space, they immediately worry about running wires underground and wasting electricity. With in-ground solar lights from Harriet Carter, however, you can kiss those concerns goodbye! One of the best things about solar lighting is that you never need to run wires, replace batteries, or worry about hiking up your electricity bill — just place the lights anywhere you’d like in your yard and the sun will do the rest. Each LED light charges throughout the day from solar power and shines bright throughout the night.

Get Yours Today

Give your yard a breath of fresh air with these incredibly convenient in-ground solar lights from Harriet Carter. With so many amazing outdoor decor products available online, you’ll be able to create the outside space you’ve always wanted. Add a set to your cart today!

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