Hydro Mousse System & Refill




HYDRO MOUSSE™ LIQUID LAWN™—SPRAY IT ON & WATCH IT GROW! Get a lush, green lawn in as little as a week with this eco-friendly, hassle-free hydro seeding system. It works with your garden hose to place seeds exactly where you want grass to grow. “Sticky” mousse formula adheres to ground, breaks down tough soil and keeps seeds in place as they sprout. Works in all climates; ideal for bare spots and pet urine damage. Covers up to 100 sq. feet. You get jug, spray nozzle, mousse formula, 1/2 lb. seed.


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    Hydro mousse system

    I received the jug and grass seed but there wasn't any mousse in the box. I used it without the mousse, but it's been about 9 days still don't see any grass coming up yet.

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