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HAMMERTOE CRUTCH helps relieve painful, bent-under toes. Specially contoured, polymer gel-filled pads support and lift toes, taking pressure off bent toe tips. Flexible, extra-wide gel loop protects and cushions toe tops and corns. Can be worn comfortably under most shoes. Reusable and hand washable. Two sizes: medium for four smaller toes; large for the big toe. One pair.


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    Hammer toe crutch

    This item is very comfortable and easy to wash with soap and water. Does not take up much room in the shoe and pads the knuckle of the toe.

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    The gel hammertoe crutches are comfortable, but do not last very long. One was completely unusable as it tore, and the others are beginning to do so. I wear them all day, but remove them when going to bed. I like their intended use, but their durability is a big disappointment!

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    Hammertoe crutch

    It totally holds my toe down and with no pain👍

  4. star star star star star 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Relief at Last!

    Wow, this really helped relieve the pain on my toe...I've had trouble with this hammer toe and wasn't aware they had such an item. I wear it every day and all day and it works wonderful....hope you find it the same. My wife even bought a back up set for Christmas, but I'm still wearing the first one-they last forever and wash off for neatness.

  5. star star star star empty_star 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Time will tell

    I am surprised how comfortable this crutch is. I haven't seen any results yet ,but that's because I'm not diligent in wearing. I only wear at night before bedtime and can feel the stretch in my toes, nothing painful. This item is made out of flexible, thick plastic so, it seems durable. Haven't tried wearing with shoes yet but the flat bottom does make it easy to walk when wearing.

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