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DIVIDERS BRING ORDER TO THE MESSIEST SHELVES! Stack bulky sweaters, purses and towels fuss-free. Dividers keep everything neat and orderly, plus you can easily create wide or narrow “bins” to suit your needs. Vinyl-coated metal dividers are available in 2 styles: pronged-foot, clip-on for wire shelves, or clamp style for solid shelves. Set of 4.


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    I do like having the dividers, they are very helpful keeping things in place, we did have to fix 4 of them, as either they had the piece broken that hooks to the bottom rack, or one or two of the wires holding the bottom and top together was broken out. That was disappointing. My husband was able to work and get them fixed so we could use them, but it was still disappointing. Wish you would check items better before shipping. Thank you.

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