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GET FAST RELIEF FROM VERTIGO! If you suffer from vertigo caused by balance or vestibular disorders, this 100% natural blend of herbal oils may bring relief in less than 5 minutes. Simply apply a drop behind your ear when dizziness starts. No side effects of prescriptions like dry mouth, drowsiness or vision problems. 17 oz.

Experience Fast Vertigo Relief with DiVertigo

Vertigo is a sensational nightmare that leaves you off balance and victim to uncontrollable spells of dizziness, usually as a result of an inner ear problem. When you experience vertigo, you can feel like you’re spinning or the world is spinning around you, and all you want is relief.

While curing vertigo often requires a medical specialist to treat the underlying cause of the problem, quick relief from the symptoms of vertigo is just a few clicks away. With DiVertigo, you can get all-natural relief for your vertigo symptoms in as little as five minutes!

Safe and Effective Relief for Vertigo

This 100% all-natural, topical product offers fast relief for the various symptoms that come with vertigo, including nausea, dizziness, feelings of spinning, and unsteadiness. There are no pills, no side-effects, and the solution is non-drowsy.

How Does DiVertigo Work?

The natural blend of herbal oils in DiVertigo offers soothing relief from your vertigo symptoms.

Simply apply one to two drops of DiVertigo behind each ear lobe the moment you start feeling vertigo symptoms, and the remedy will begin working immediately, taking full effect in just three to five minutes. Reapply as needed.

Relief from Vertigo is Just a Few Clicks Away

Don’t let your vertigo control you. With DiVertigo, you can take your vertigo relief with you anywhere you go, from work to the beach. DiVertigo is the safe, all-natural way to relieve your vertigo symptoms without feeling sleepy or medicated.

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