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Nifty Sign tells you whether the dishwasher needs to be run or unloaded. Just flip it to let others in your household know what to do with the dishes. Sign comes with a special magnet that works on metal appliances and also on non-metal surfaces. Just remove the cover from the magnet and the non-staining adhesive backing will adhere to the surface and the magnetized side will hold the sign in place. 3.2” x 5".


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    Dishwasher Magnet

    Because of a comment a reviewer made, I tested my dishwasher to make sure it was able to hold a magnet. It did!! But when I received this product, it either has such a weak magnet or no magnet at all... I am currently using a separate magnet to hold the item to the dish washer. It would have been a terrific item if it actually worked as instructed. It needs to have a strong magnet inside to hold it to the dishwasher or it serves no purpose...

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    Kind-of happy.

    My fault. I didn't know my dishwasher is not metal but otherwise good.

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