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COMPRESSION KNEE-HIGHS WITH FUN PATTERNS help support circulation, fashionably! Sheer knee-highs provide graduated compression (8-15 mm/Hg). Fit women’s shoe sizes 5-11; measure around calf for size. Regular fits up to 17" calf; queen fits up to 24" calf. Nylon/spandex. Hand wash. USA made.


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    Wonderful Relief

    These compression knee highs are great. My calves, ankles and top of my feet were swelling and from experience with my elderly parents, I decided to purchase these very cool comp. knee highs. The Queen size fit perfect as I have larger calves to begin with and the swelling went down and stayed down for quite some time after wearing these. They even supported my ankles which have been hurting me, but no more! I bought the blue ones and even wore them with shorts which looked cool. A guy at the gas station even commented they looked cool and knew what they were for! I'd advise anyone with swelling legs to purchase these to start with as they are not bulky or hard to get on at all! Just the right compression for slightly swollen legs. I'm going to order two more pair so I'm not constantly having to rinse them out every night.

  2. star star star star star 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Satisfied

    I only bought one pair initially as I didn't want to invest additional money if I wasn't happy with the product. Am back today to order 2 more pairs as I was VERY happy with my original purchase. The ones I got at the drug store had way too much compression and were difficult to get on. In addition, the foot was way too big and sized for a man. Your compression socks are pretty and have just the right amount of compression to keep my venous insufficiency in check and my ankles from swelling. Great Product!!!!!

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