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CAT URINARY TRACT irritations formula safely relieves multiple feline urinary symptoms. Is your tabby straining to urinate? Frequently peeing and dribbling? Just pour this natural, homeopathic formula into your pet's water bowl each day. It relieves pain, irritation, incontinence and other urinary tract symptoms. Taste-free formula contains no alcohol or sugar. 4 oz. bottle (approx. 45 doses).


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    My cat was incontinent and was urinating everywhere. We had moved her out into the greenhouse, She is 18 years old and had been a great hunter, worked hard for our farm. I really felt bad to have to band her from the house. Then I read about NATURAL PET URINARY TRACT IRRITATIONS. and decided to try it. I only had to add 1/2 tsp to her drinking water each day and within 5 days I noticed a difference. She started using the letter box again and was only wetting her bed at night. Then after another week, her bed was dry in the morning. I did not come close to using the whole bottle. I stopped using the product and she was OK for 2 months. Now, she is having an occasional accident so I have started giving her the product again.

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