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SAY “GOOD NIGHT” TO PAINFUL BUNIONS! Bunion regulator with adjustable tension gently realigns tight tendons and foot muscles while you sleep. Just slip on the plastic brace, adjust, and secure the strap ... and feel relief! Set of two (1 each for left and right foot). Not recommended for those with diabetes or circulatory conditions.


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    Och och

    The item was OK, and maybe it'd work for some, but the plastic kept hurting both feet, plus the straps kept rubbing on my instep and causing little sores which turned into blisters.

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    I agree that the plastic does annoy me. But, when I started using this nightly, it's use moved my big toe back into correct position. So the annoyance is not important, since this does work to keep the big toe from squashing the rest of the toes.

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    Bunion regulator

    The concept is good but the hard plastic dug into my second toe and hurt.

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