Bountiful Beets


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ALL THE NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS OF BEETS, IN POWDER FORM! Beets have been called the “circulation superfood” because they’re high in nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is known to help boost energy levels, reduce inflammation and support overall health. Easy-to-use powder formula, when added to your favorite drink or smoothie, gives you all of the benefits of beets without having to eat bushels! 10.6 oz.


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    Bountiful Beets

    I usually buy "Power Beets" at Sam's Club but was running low, so tried this one. Did not taste good. Can was 1/2 full--powder packed and was hard to scoop out. Scoop was bigger than the wide mouth of the bottle I pour it into and didn't pour well because so tightly packed. Will not buy again.

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