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BUG TOP & PANTS keep gnats, bees, mosquitoes and other biting bugs at bay! Work outdoors, fish, hike or garden without resorting to chemical repellents. Airy, one-piece woven mesh top with elastic cuffs and hem covers you from head to mid-hip. One size fits all. Pants have elastic at waist and ankles. Fit up to 53" waist.


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    Great for Large Insects but Gnats will Still Get at You

    Works great for larger insects but smaller such as gnats can still get at you. The gaps of the netting is too far apart to prevent smaller insects from getting inside. As we know insects and such are adaptable to their environments, when they discover there's a way in..... watch out. I purchased only the top. The head is enclosed so no eating but you can drink with a straw. Ships in a plastic pouch. That's ok.

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    It works great

    Have bug problem but this helps

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    Bug top.

    The top has no opening. So no eating or drinking while earring it.

  4. star star star star empty_star 4.0 out of 5 stars

    These silly things work great. I am now mosquito free.

    I thought these would look stupid on, but come in handy if they worked. Turns out, the pants look fine and the top is okay, but you probably won't want to wear it to the store because of the face mesh. In all, these pieces work great. They are airy and loose. They keep the bugs out, which are really bad this year (especially with Zika virus around). It would be awesome if they came in white as well (or khaki). The sewing is simple with sergered seams and elastic in the ankles, waist and wrists. "One size fits most" is the most heinous phrase in the English language, but I am a size 22 woman and they fit me fine with some looseness. I am getting more sets for my gardening friends and family. My only gripe is that if you bend and stretch a bit in the garden, the crotch seam might split. Mine did after the fourth or fifth time I wore them. I suggest getting a few of the pants, they are cheap enough. (My dog decided to chew the elastic leg of one. Go figure).

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