Baseboard Buddy


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STOP BENDING TO CLEAN BASEBOARDS & MOLDINGS! Back-saving cleaning tool extends to 60" L so you can reach up high and down low to trap and lift dust and dirt without stretching or bending. Flex-head design conforms to the shape of any baseboard or molding, and its 360° swivel action lets you clean from any angle. Includes 3 reusable cleaning pads (ea. 4" x 4") that can be used wet or dry; just rinse and go! Handle breaks down for storage.


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    Baseboard Buddy

    The jury is still out. My Swiffer does as well, and is a bit easier to use. But will work as a backup.

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    Great Product

    I gotta tell you this is a great product. I can no longer get on my hands and knees or lean down far enough to clean my baseboards. This cleans very well, not only baseboards but door frames too. I knew the baseboards were dirty but I was amazed at how much dirt came off with just water. I love it!

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