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ARCTIC AIR™ lets you enjoy clean, cool air anywhere! Create your own personal comfort zone with this compact, portable evaporative air cooler. Just fill with water and plug into any standard outlet or USB port with included adapter. It cools, humidifies and purifies air up to 45 square feet. Has built-in mood light and fan speed control. Freon-free and ultra quiet! 6½" square.


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    This was a great surprise, never though it actually worked. Once you figure out the best setting,you get a full 8 hours. I'm very happy with this purchase. I love the different light functions.

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    Artic Air

    I bought the Artic Air at Walmart. It is a JOKE. Supposed to run a full 8 hours on the Water in the side. Supposed to Cool the Air in your Room. It is on my Night Stand by the Bed. And I fill it at 8 when we go to bed. I am up by 11 putting More water In the tank because it is Empty. I am up at 1 putting more water in it and Up at 3 adding more water. The On Off button on the top is to bright even with the other lights off on the Side it puts to much light in my bedroom.

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