X-Hose Pro®

Introducing X-HOSE PRO®—the incredible expanding hose! Industrial strength, commercial grade version of the popular expanding/contracting hose has thicker, multi-layered tubing (tested up to 250 psi), a wider, 3/4" diam. opening that delivers a more powerful spray, plus solid brass fittings for added strength and durability. Ultra lightweight; easy to use.


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Product Price Quantity

25 ft Hose (E7147)

  • $29.98

50 ft Hose (E7149)

  • $49.98

75 ft Hose (E7150)

  • $69.98

100 ft Hose (F7151)

  • $79.98
Item Number Product Description Availability
7147 25 ft Hose Item Available
7149 50 ft Hose Item Available
7150 75 ft Hose Item Available
7151 100 ft Hose Item Available

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