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Who needs water absorbent socks when you have the Water Eater? With the Water Eater, cleaning up spills and leaks is a breeze. The Water Eater absorbs 10 times its weight in water to prevent water damage in your home or anywhere. The Water Eater is a lifesaver for appliance overflows, wet basements, leaky windows or plumbing. The Water Eater helps control mildew and dampness. Reusable when dry. 36".

"We use these against one wall in the basement that sometimes leaks, they really absorb any water that comes in. So much better than smelly dirty towels there. Second time purchasing them."     - Customer in NY


Based on 82 reviews
Jul 05, 2017
Would not buy again!
Used 2 on each side of garage to keep water out. Didn't work, still flooded. Picking up they stretched out and icky to touch, would not use again.
Jun 01, 2017
While these are convenient to use, they don't soak up any more water than ordinary towels do - take forever to dry and leave a residue.
May 29, 2017
Not as good as advertised.
Didn't like it all that much. Once it was wet, it took forever to dry, and it got quite dirty. Can find no way to really clean it, and it's all yucky now.
May 27, 2017
Looks like a dead snake
I did not use the product since it is poor quality and it was not long enough to cover the width of the door entrance.
May 25, 2017
I purchased this watereater a year ago now all dried out
Along the window sill inside
May 03, 2017
I would buy this product again.
This product helped keep water leaking from basement wall from spreading to far.
Dec 22, 2016
To Short
Just not adequate for what was advertised
Dec 22, 2016
helpful, saves on towels
Odd little creature. It does work. I fill gallon hugs with water as I have water hall. I am off the grid. I have a tenancy t to overflow the jugs. I used a lot of towels before this water wuck. Not sure how to wash the water stains off but it does the job. It is on the floor hidden anyway. Glad I got it.
Dec 15, 2016
Very Flimsy, not what I thought it would be,much smaller too
Aug 28, 2016
I would never buy this product again
How the heck do you get the thing dry? its been wet a week now and lying on a picknic table in 100 degree heat and it is still wet
Aug 14, 2016
I live in a state with high humidity and the central air conditioning unit "sweats". The Water Eater absorbs the moisture and I have a dry floor.
Jul 28, 2016
Really needed this
I have been looking for this for awhile.
Jun 25, 2016
Love these things--had used them for many years in my previous apt--most of the time under my air conditioner in my apt window --kept the little bit of drip from running inside, AND there was a tiny opening on the bottom where the a/c met the window--so it kept out the little bugs too! I also used it in the winter for drafts! I improvise a lot! Anyway, in my present place I've used it under my bathroom sink which at one time slowly leaked water if you ran the tap long enough. Absorbed it right up! I always buy 2 or so at a time--never know when they might come in handy!
May 19, 2016
This is flimsy!
Practically worthless.
Mar 31, 2016
I would buy this product again
It absorbed a lot of water in our basement I will definitely be buying some more.I also have told my mom and friends about this product.
Mar 12, 2016
very successful in a recent rainstorm
Delivered in 5 days and in excellent condition.
Feb 27, 2016
Water Eater is amazing!!!
I absolutely loved this product. I bought 4 of them to help clean up a large leaky area by the sink, and it worked really fast.
Feb 14, 2016
Water collector
Excellent product easy to use
Jan 06, 2016
Hope It Works!
I bought one and put it around the bottom on my water heater. I should have measured because I need two to go all the way around, so I'll order another one. Luckily I haven't needed to use it but it's reassuring to know that if I ever have a leak, I won't have a huge flood on my floor.
Dec 30, 2015
Water Eater and melted snow
This Water Eater has come in very handy in our garage. When it snows here in Colorado, snow and ice sticks to tires and underneath the car. When we bring car into the garage, there is a big mess of water when snow melts. The Water Eater has helped to absorb some of the water. We bought four W.E.'s and I could use four more to reach all across sides of car but this product is a bit expensive for each W.E. so I'll just have to do with four. When they're full of water, I take them outdoors and step or jump on them to stomp water out.
Dec 04, 2015
great value
easy to form around surfaces
Nov 06, 2015
Problem Solver
Works great on my basement door - I used to have a problem when there was a heavy rain
Oct 31, 2015
Not like the original
The original water eater was thicker and absorbed much better . This design is not as full so that makes it not as absorbent. It use to be much better.
Sep 03, 2015
water eater
These are great for absorbing water in window wells.
Aug 08, 2015
works very well
I bought these because I had some before and we have a problem that occurs occasionally so we needed more. These things soak up water extremely well. It will take care of leaks till they can be fixed. Ours is due to the air conditioner and can't be fixed so these are just what we needed.
Aug 06, 2015
Lightweight worker
We purchased this product to help with a leaky basement; thankfully, we haven't needed it yet!The insurance it offers is great~
Jun 27, 2015
Truly simply amazing
These things are great for minimizing water damage from seepage. Just use them as a barrier between any potential leaks and anything that should not get wet and they soak up lots of liquid. A little spendy considering the materials, but better than mold.
Jun 23, 2015
Shame on you!
You should be ashamed to advertise such a horrible product. I purchased two and I am sorry I did so. After placing the Water Eater at my back door it did gather the water but it does not dry out. It makes a slimy mess on whatever it touches including you. Its just awful! I will never use the other one. Articles like these should not be sold to trusting customers.
Apr 30, 2015
water eater
soaks up spills from rainwater drip.Not easy to touch powdery coating?
Apr 27, 2015
doesnt hold much water
have a leak in basement, doesnt hold much water to soak it up
Mar 19, 2015
Love them
My porch leaks under the wall. Have had no water come in since putting these down i love them and just ordered 4 more to go around the rest of the wall.
Mar 08, 2015
Love, Love, Love the Water Eaters.
I have used the Water Eaters for years, for keeping the Cold and Moisture out of my home. I use them along windowsills and between my Sliding Glass Doors, to seep up moisture and keep out cold! Wonderful product. I have 4 on hand already for next year.
Mar 08, 2015
Product works good.
Glad to have this product recently. Had a slight sewer back up which bubbled up in basement. Tree roots issue. Anyway, the product worked well & if I'd had more it would have soaked up excess where I didn't have one of these. So I ordered more. The used ones couldn't be dried out due to extreme cold outside where it would be best to dry out - so threw them away. Hence new purchase.
Dec 26, 2014
Helpful for minor seepage.
It would be best to say that the Water Eater absorbs moisture and a small amount of water like for condensation runoff at the bottom of a window or small leaks that seep under a door, window or along a wall. They are very light, so 10x their weight is not enough to soak up the gallons implied by the description. Don't try to stop a flood with these or deal with major leaks. Once engorged with water they are useless until they dry out. They will absorb and hold on to dirt, smells and stains and can't be washed like a towel can. So, I'd say they can be helpful if used right but don't expect them to serve well for big or dirty, smelly water issues.
Dec 17, 2014
Love your Water Eater's
Unfortunately I live in a area noted for water, it has been a flood area for generations. New builders come in and design new developments and do not care what lies beneath their drainage. The water eaters have given me much peace of mind. Also I have a semidetached house and the neighbor cares less about his, and water seeps from his home into mine. Have worked with contractors and have done much water stopping work myself. The Water Eaters have been a life send for me. Am so amazed how much water they collect, and have a very look lasting life period. Highly recommend this product to everyone. Also am a former health care worker, the water eaters are great in a health injury emergency, bleeding profusely, place white toweling around the water eater, lay it against the bleed to stop bleeding, do not recommend this for the lay person, as a professional find this very useful. Have recommended your Water Eaters to many clients and they like them as much as me. Would be lost without this valuable product. Thank You, and enjoy many other of your products.
Dec 09, 2014
ok-have not tested completely-using in w
one of the 4 had a hole in it and not in a seam just a hole about the size of the end of your little finger. some of the contents came out but i stitched the hole
Dec 07, 2014
Great idea - but not good
Put in basement at bottom of stairs - leaks when it rains. The product soaked up some of the water, but not all. I went to wring it out - smelled horrible!!! and could not get all the water out to reuse it. Ended up throwing it out
Aug 17, 2014
Water Soaker
My son and daughter in law bought a house with a basement and always complained how the water came in through the one door to the outside. When you are outside you have to go down stairs to get to the door. Short on money for a new door I bought this item for them. About 2 weeks ago we had terrible rain and my son was SO happy with this product, he said NO water came in that day. He just wrings it out and puts it in the sun to dry.
Aug 02, 2014
Doing a great job
Bought these to use in front of the 3 doors of a rented storage unit. Summertime rains can be quite torrential and the water started to seep under the doors. Put these down and through several heavy rains, have had no water go past the Water Eaters. For my purposes, these are well worth the money.
Jun 23, 2014
Not worth trying.
It didn't do what it advertised it would I'm surprised there were positive feed backs. It made my basement smell.
May 19, 2014
Works good for heavy rain seepage
easy to use
May 08, 2014
Water leaks solved
My daughter and son in law were getting water in their garage during heavy rain storms. The water was causing things in the garage to get moldy. To keep the water from getting in, I purchased these water eaters which they lined up along the bottom of the garage door. The product was to put to the test and the water eaters prevented any water from seeping into the garage. Afterwards, they were brought outside to dry out and ready for the next use.
Feb 24, 2014
Can't do without it!
I have had water-eaters for many years, but when I moved, I forgot to replace them. Standing in 3 inches of water after a pipe burst in my kitchen, I remembered. I would not do without them now! II don't think that I will forget them again. I have now shared them with friends. They soak water up immediately and completely.
Jan 25, 2014
Works Great
Despite numerous calls to various roofers, when my rain gutter clogs, I get water in my bedroom. Someone told me about the Water Eater and for the price I had nothing to lose. Let me tell you, for the money, it was well worth it. Soaks up all the water, where before I had puddles and towels everywhere. Highly recommend!
Dec 24, 2013
Nothing to write home about
These just don't work. They don't help at all.
Oct 01, 2013
don't buy
Actually after the Colorado rains and a wet basement this product is now in the garbage. Didn't do anything. Total waste of time and money.
Aug 01, 2013
Not what I expected
This product sounds great, but did not perform to my expectations. It did not soak up the water as much as it says it would. I would NOT recommend using it for heavy water areas.
Aug 01, 2013
Best in Soaking up Water!!
I was having a problem with my well tank sweating in all of the humid weather we have been having. It sucked up all the water that was pooling on that side of my basement. I am SO happy to have found this product!
Jul 07, 2013
Water Eaters
I have three very wide slider doors of which two are in the upper level which has concrete floors w/balconies at the same level...Florida storms w/high winds equal to flooding under the slider doors in the upper level. So far there has been no more flooding since using the water eaters. This problem has been going on since first moving into this townhouse in May 1986. So it works!! Can't tell you how much stress this has taken from me as every time I heard rain on the roof and/or was away from home when it rained I was full of apprehension, many times coming home to furniture sitting on soaking wet carpet. When I speak of soaking wet carpet I mean water squishing underfoot through wet carpet. THE CRITICAL TEST WILL BE WHEN ANOTHER HURRICANE STRIKES. I intend to buy more for doubling up and/or for back-up for hurricane season (half of the year.) Please do not stop carrying this product, thank you, and please thank the inventor!!
Jul 02, 2013
Worked very well!!! Would recommend!!!
Great product. Would recommend to all who are need of this type of help!!!
Mar 19, 2013
Great Product
When the snow melts or if we have heavy rainfall, the water runs down the sidewalk, under the door, and into the garage. I spread two of these across the sidewalk and another in front of the door. The water then runs across the sidewalk and over to the other side where it eventually soaks in. Like building a dam!!
Mar 17, 2013
Terrible product , waste of money
A gimmick product that is a waste of money
Jan 15, 2013
I purchased 6 they are very, very dusty - cannot get rid of the dust to have them properly installed - It's like the insides are sipping thru and dust everything! Very disappointed NO I would not recommend them
Sep 14, 2012
I love this product. After a terrible rain storm I put 2 of them down and man did they work. Really great product I do recommend them.
Aug 10, 2012
Great Product!
Great product. I get leaks when it rains heavy in my apartment bedroom window and I used to use paper towel and a plastic container to catch the water. This just absorbs all of it.
May 29, 2012
A True LifeSaver!
I found this product very useful. It came in handy when I had a bad leak in my basement from a very heavy rain. I'm purchasing 4 more.
May 18, 2012
easy to use
I put these down along the wet wall of my basement, but the recent rains have not cooperated yet...so I can't honestly say. But I do expect these to work well, and they should be much easier to clean & dry out than old towels & rags are. They look a lot better on the floor too !!I'd used my wet vac to pick up the water before, but these help to stop the water from spreading into the room too fast & keeps my furniture dry. They're also a lot lighter than my vacuums to move around.I'll be buying more soon, so I can fill up all the spaces I have.I didn't pay this much when I bought mine tho. They were cheaper. Only [$]. each. Maybe I'll wait for another sale ?
Apr 21, 2012
I would suggest this to friends.
I had bought 4 of these and they work great. I didn't realize that the leak in my basement was as bad as it is. May have to get more. A wall in my Basement leaks and I need to have it fixed. These absorbers help. I just put them in the washer on spin to drain them, then rince out the washer due to the smell, I am sure that is expected from basement water.
Jan 31, 2012
working well
soak up water
Jan 24, 2012
was dusty
I've had these things before and they work great. These came in "dusty". Air dried in the dryer and had a mess, and they are still "dusty". I would recommend the product but not this brand.
Dec 26, 2011
not worth the money, towels work better
I had a leak in my basement so i bought 2 of these to soak up the water till i could get it fixed, at first they did there job,no water got past them. but wen they swelled from the water they became slimier and would not dry out. after 2 weeks of trying the smell was horrible i threw them away.
Dec 08, 2011
very useful
only problem is it does tend to dry as a hard item
Oct 02, 2011
I would buy this product again
I use this product during heavy rains, it works perfectly....I also used it when my washer overflowed, and it dried everything up in minutes. No more sopping wet towels for me!!
Sep 20, 2011
works for ground water seepage
works great so far
Aug 29, 2011
Haven't needed it yet
I purchased this for a water emergency, fortunately I haven't had one yet so I can't say if the product works or not.
Aug 19, 2011
good for the price
you need at least 4 for any spills more than an inch of water.
Aug 13, 2011
Don't waste your money!
I used this product (2 of them actually) for a leaky airconditioner. They absorbed the water. I then put them out in the sun to dry on a 100degree day. They were not dry after 2 days, and they oozed a jelly substance. These things are worthless, and a big waste of money.
Jul 27, 2011
too much whiz not enough bang
Water leak under sink -looked light&slim when dry. soaked up water on bottom side not enough! wanted to let dry but it started to smell mildewy left a lot of gel on floor when removed the side that did pick up took awhile to dry even in the sun. Would work better outside.Can't recommend for inside rooms.
Jul 24, 2011
I love it!
I love the water Eater! I have a walk in shower and was always having to use towels to mop up water after every shower. Now with the water eater there is no need to dirty a towel every day to mop the floor and all I have to do when water eater is done soaking up water is lay it outside to dry in the sun for an hour or so and it is ready for its next use!
Jul 19, 2011
It helped but not enough.
I had an air conditioner leak and ordered 2 of the water eaters to help with the leak but the water went right under the water eater and it didn;t look like it absorbed 10X its weight in water. I was disappointed.
Jun 22, 2011
Item does exactly what it states is does
Product is awesome. Don't ever discontinue item.
Jun 15, 2011
lasted years!
mine lasted for years, but after 2 or 3 you need to get a new one, will mold if not dried monthly, or more.
Jun 14, 2011
works as advertised :)
usually lasts 2 seasons (2 years that is)
May 19, 2011
Good Product...Works Great
I keep a water eater between the screen door and the wood door of my back room. Our back yard is on a steep slant towards the house and we have poor drainage. The water eater helps to keep our back room from flooding. I buy several water eaters at a time and keep some on hand. I also tend to replace the water eater after it has gotten wet and dried a few times because it is not easy to clean.
May 06, 2011
Very good product
Very pleased with htis purchase
Apr 21, 2011
You don't need too many.
I used this is our basement bathroom. I wasn't sure if it was going to work. But it's soaking up the over spray from the shower. It's a little long where I put it but it is out of the way.
Mar 28, 2011
Very small leaks only!
I bought 4 of these for my leaky basement. One filled up within 24 hours, and so on. The first one is not even near dry 10 days after it has been drying. I put it in the sun on a nice sunny day, and that didnt even do it. I think I would have to buy 30 of them to have one dry before i needed to use it again.
Feb 20, 2011
Really Works
We use these against one wall in the basement that sometimes leaks. They really absorb any water that comes in. So much better than smelly dirty towels there. Second time purchasing them. Last ones lasted a couple of years. They do get pretty pretty dirty after that much time....but still worked.
Nov 21, 2010
Hard to Find
Glad to have it and hope I never have to use it! It's peace of mind should there be a problem with my washing machine.
Oct 04, 2010
my sump pump went out it help 98 percent
Aug 16, 2010
No Leaks to Judge Absorption Yet
I purchased six of these to put in the mechanical room where I had a sewer back up. So far the flooding has not re-occurred. I do intend to purchase four more to reinforce the protection from water destroying base molding and carpet.
Aug 13, 2010
I am purchasing more.
Works just like it states. Was disappointed it wasn't light blue color as in the ad.
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