Pest Repellers (E3945)

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Drive mice, rats, roaches, ants & other pests out of your home! Each chemical-free unit plugs into any standard outlet and uses ultrasonic waves to repel unwelcome critters without traps, poisons or harmful chemicals. Safe around people, cats and dogs; won’t interfere with TVs, remote controls or garage door openers. Each features an extra outlet with safety cover. Protects a standard size room. Set of 3. UL-listed.


Based on 15 reviews
Oct 31, 2013
Keeps the Critters away
Have one in every room. No pests all around. This product works on anything indoors, keeping away everything from spiders to roaches.
Apr 05, 2012
pest repeller good
helps get rid of mice
Mar 17, 2012
Just so so.
Put them in my kitchen. they help somewhat, but don't do a complete job. That may be because my children eat at night and don't clean up behind themselves. so, I guess it does as well as could be expected in my house!
Feb 14, 2012
It Works! Got rid of the ant trails!
I have been fighting to get rid of house ants for the past 5 years without harmful chemicals. The ants come and go with the weather (more on warmer days less on cool). Ant traps are only temporary. Pest Repellers has shown improvement after a week. Can't find any trails in the house!
Nov 25, 2011
These really work!
This product saved me hundreds of dollars in extermination fees in parts of my attic that are inaccessible. Squirrels had broken in through the vents, and I could hear them up there doing a lot of damage to the insulation material. Got some outrageous estimates from rodent control companies, and listened to many of their grisly solutions. After a few weeks of wondering what to do, I could hear baby squirrels squeaking! Waited until they were big enough to be heard scampering around, then installed a couple of these pest repellers on a heavy-duty extension cord. I began to see the squirrels vacating the attic for longer and longer periods of time. The baby ones were very cute, but hey... Within two days, all squirrel activity had completely ceased. If you have a similar problem, I highly recommend giving these a try.
Nov 07, 2011
They seems too work well
my garage is my shop. Rodents were getting bad. After installing repellers rodents seem to disapeared
Nov 01, 2011
no pests yet!
plugged them in and forgot about them.
Jul 12, 2011
gets the flies
Jul 01, 2011
they are great. no mice around
i put one in each room. work great, would buy them again
Jun 24, 2011
Bell & Howell Pest Repeller
Spiders were my main reason for purchasing this product. It seems they are immune. Otherwise, all other insects are gone.
May 04, 2011
I like the pest repellers, less bugs in
I have used this product before and I enjoy less bugs and mice.
Apr 15, 2011
This was a good investment.
I put 1 in each room
Mar 10, 2011
I love this product!!!!!
I live in a six unit apt. bldg and we had a small mice problem. Once I installed this item, within in days, problem was gone. I would highly recommed this product. It works better than discribed. Just plug in and watch it work. You won't be disapointed.
Mar 09, 2011
has not killed one bug yet after 2 weeks
I have had it pluged in sinse the day I got it and has not killed one bug I still have them
Dec 31, 2010
Pest Repellent
We use this product to get rid of mice, it does that and we have not seen Ants or spiders also. I don't like the little clicking sound and the red light, but I will take these over the pesty mice. and boy do they work.. I also got a set for my son, we all live in the country and the mice are bad out here. but not any more. thank you for selling these, THEY DO WORK.
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