One Second™ Needles (C4026)

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One Second™ Needles make sewing frustration-free!  Threading needles is the worst part of any sewing job, but these special needles find the eye instantly and effortlessly every time.  Just loop your thread, pull it into the needle's built-in grove and - voila - needle threaded!  Set of 16 assorted size needles comes with a bonus sewing kit.

"At 57 it's getting harder to see small needle holes to thread for sewing. THIS IS FABULOUS! Kudos to the inventor and to Harriet Carter for offering it!" -Customer in Florida


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Mar 28, 2017
I would not buy these needles again
I bought this product because my eye sight was getting poor and I had to ask family members to thread needles for me. Yes, I can thread the needle quickly but the needles comes unthread just as quick. I find it impossible to sew with these and went back to using the regular needles. Expensive for nothing!!!
Dec 30, 2016
Dec 22, 2016
Would not recommend
I do a lot of hand sewing and finishing, but my eyes just aren't what they used to be. I thought this would be great, and save me time threading a small needle. Unfortunatele, the thread kept breaking due to rubbing against the needle. For all sewers, I would just suggest sticking with the tried and true needles with an eye hole. It goes much smoother!
Oct 10, 2016
Eye luv 'em
Got these for my 84 yr old Mom. Eyesight not so sharp as it was. She was ecstatic! She already finished three quilts she had pending.
Sep 05, 2016
Even my Son-in-law can use it!
Very handy for last-minute repairs where time is of the essence!
Aug 22, 2016
I love this product
I love this product as it enables me to sew with ease.
May 21, 2016
Worked well to repair a button.
Apr 28, 2016
Threads easily
Use the needles for repair mainly. Easy to thread, and easy to re-thread when it comes out.
Apr 12, 2016
Needs work!
These are easy to thread, but not good for sewing. The eye breaks off and the needle is hard to force through the cloth. I agree with those who think the metal of the needle is at least partly at fault, but to me the metal seems weak and not as smooth as it should be.
Apr 07, 2016
A Blessing
Very Good Products
Mar 31, 2016
With my old fingers, I need self threading needles
I can still sew with these old fingers now.
Mar 13, 2016
Not So Easy to Use
I had a pretty hard time threading even these needles. I can't threat a regular needle at all, so the fact that I could use these at all was encouraging.
Mar 12, 2016
Very very disappointed. I want a total refund!
This product is so poorly made and does not work! I want to a full refund please. I also purchase two Jumbo Super Lint Busters and both are pieces of junk. They actually fell apart and never worked. I want a full refund to my account immediately. Thank you Barbara D'Ambrosio
Mar 10, 2016
One Second Needles [4026] ...THE BEST NEEDLES EVER!!
I have poor eyesight. So using traditional needles was a frustrating effort for me. But with these quick-and-easy-to-thread needles, I can sew again! I do wish they came in packets with just one or two sizes that could be ordered. I do a lot of hand sewing and use some sizes everyday.
Feb 24, 2016
Needles are worth their weight in gold
I love these needles. As I get older it gets harder and harder to thread a needle. This takes all the frustration out of it.
Feb 03, 2016
great i can thread it so easy and fast
It easy to thread it great to use.
Nov 02, 2015
FINALLY an easy way to thread a needle! THANK YOU!
At 57 it's getting harder to see small needle holes to thread for sewing. THIS IS FABULOUS! Kudos to the inventor and to Harriet Carter for offering it!
Jul 13, 2015
Dull needle
Idea is great, but needled dull, so I couldn't use them to sew, which was the purpose. Wouldn't recommend.
Jun 10, 2015
These are nice and I can see to thread them
Haven't gotten to use needles yet,but at least I can thread them- couldn't before.The little owl is so cute,going to put him outside my ptio edge in a bush,and the hanging ball is so pretty.pleased with all.
Jun 09, 2015
These needles save me so much time.
Nov 21, 2014
one second needle
This needle is great for people who have a hard time threading needles. The only problem is when I try to sew with it, the open needle head sometimes grabs thin material and pulls it. This is especially true for nylons or satiny material. It works good in thicker materials like denim or heavy cotton.
Oct 24, 2014
works well with thin thread, not so good
Easy to thread.
Apr 24, 2014
been waiting for these to show up again
These go a long time before showing up in the catalog again. I can no longer thread a needle but I can us these. They are a great invention.
Mar 03, 2014
Great for crewell yarns
Sewing kit added as surprise bonus is very useful, esp. for travel.
Mar 01, 2014
Easier than regular needle
Though these are easier than standard needles, they can still be difficult to use. It is hard to get thread into the slot to thread. However, I still LOVE them.
Nov 27, 2013
Hard to thread
I got this product because I hand see and it is hard to thread the needle. This product is very difficult to use. One person has to hold the thread tight and the other has to slide down on the needle to get it threaded. You can't see or feel where to thread it is trial and error. I tried to use this product myself. It was very difficult. I would not buy it again
Oct 14, 2013
one second needle
This is a poor product. The needles were thick and some had a crust of rust on them making it very different to pull though the material and not breaking the thread (which did occur) .
Sep 24, 2013
Good idea, but poor quality
Want to use these needles occasionally to hide threads. Absolutely would not try to sew with them.
Sep 24, 2013
Good idea, but poor quality
Want to use these needles occasionally to hide threads. Absolutely would not try to sew with them. Priced way too high for the quality
Sep 13, 2013
Not up to expectations as in commercials
Top of needle broke on the very first use. Threading was easy but it wasn't strong enough to handle medium material.
Aug 08, 2013
Great idea but needs perfection
Its a great idea because the ease of threading allowed me to teach sewing to kids. However, the entry section for the thread continually snag the garment making holes. The concept is good, but i think a smoother latch-hook design would be easier on material.
Aug 07, 2013
Over priced
Poorly made. Point should be sharp to get thru fabric.
Jul 29, 2013
One Second Needles
I like the way these needles thread. It is easier than the last ones I bought.
Jun 17, 2013
point to thick, not sharp
point on needle was to thick and not sharp could not get it to go into the pants I was sewing a hem on.
May 10, 2013
Not a needle you want to use!
I have purchased several things from Harriet Carter and have never been disappointed until now. These needles are horrible, they pull and get stuck in the material to the point were I have had to cut the needle out of the material. I have also found them to be dull. Definately not worth pay anything for them. Very disappointed and will not use them every again, I would like my money back.
May 09, 2013
stop sendinmg me catalogues
The fingerless gloves come apart at the seems when I put them on for the first time. You get a very bad review for this item. THE self threading needles could become the most important design change of the traditional needle However, as hard as I tried pushing the several sizes of needles through ordinary cotton materials they each got caught at the slot used for the threading process. Do Better sell quality.
Apr 29, 2013
Didn't work
Couldn't get thru several different materials used.
Apr 02, 2013
not as expected
Used to sew buttons onto ribbon. Needle had bump at polint end that caused needle to catch thread and made a pull in the ribbon.
Mar 26, 2013
Very disappointed
I am a quilter, and was very disappointed that this needle didn't perform as advertised. It did thread very easily, but was much to thick to work properly. Not only was it difficult to push through the fabric, it would leave holes behind. Two of them broke with the effort.Would NOT reccomend !
Mar 12, 2013
One Second Needles
Great Product and easy to use relative to my 'poor' eyesite...!
Sep 25, 2012
Didn't like at all
The needles are huge (thick) so you can't use them for many of your sewing needs and the part of the needle eye that you draw the thread through broke off as I was using them most of the time. Total bust.
Jan 07, 2012
Poor product
Whatever material this needle is made of, it is difficult to pull through fabric! Others say it is too thick, but I think it is the metal. It is like trying to sew with a nail. I've tried different types of fabric, it sticks in all of them! It also grabs the fibers in the fabric and snags it! Please do not think you are doing someone a favor giving this as a gift unless you want to hear a lot of bad words and venting!
Aug 27, 2011
Needle would not go thru material
The needle was easy to thread but the point was dull and I was unable to penetrate medium weight fabric.
Aug 21, 2011
A much needed product. Very helpful.
For me, this is the most useful tool I could ever have found.
Jun 13, 2011
Good idea;Poor performance.
Was very disappointed in product that I hoped would help me. The head is too thick to pull through material, and the side hook catches on the material you atempt to go through. Good idea that doesn't work, and was so frustrating to try.
May 16, 2011
Don't judge a book by it's cover
I was very hopeful that I would be able to use the needles whcn doing bead work, but the needles are much too thick.
Apr 07, 2011
Bought it for a friend
Bought the needles for a friend that makes quilts, she really loved them.
Apr 02, 2011
These are great needles! I have difficulty threading needles, and these are way better than the other "self threading" needles.
Apr 01, 2011
Good idea, poorly made
Product needs to be slimer
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