Gutter Lights (E6923)

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BRONZE LIGHT SET IS SOLAR POWERED! Illuminate dark areas around your home’s exterior with this set of two powerful outdoor lights.  Attach easily to any gutter, wall or post with included brackets. Three super-bright LED bulbs in each unit use no electricity—built-in solar panels absorb sunlight by day; automatically go on at dusk, off at dawn. Each has on/off switch. Weather-resistant housing. 4-1/2" diam. ea.


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Jul 13, 2017
Outdoor lighting
Very satisfied with this product. Goes well with my house. Wish the lighting was much brighter
Apr 14, 2017
I would buy this product again
Installed these for my mom by her patio, worked great!
Mar 24, 2017
poor lighting
They were easy to install on the guttering over garage doors. But they do NOT produce enough light for sercurity
Dec 26, 2016
Not worth the money
My husband put them up on the gutters on four corners of house. Two of them work and two do not. They do not shine light far enough down the house to see if anyone is there. Very poor.
Sep 01, 2016
Bought them to light up our front and back doors.
Bought two sets one to light up our front and back doors so we can unlock them when it is dark. The other set I installed them on our front porch steps one at the top and the other at the bottom step so people won't trip when it is dark out.
Jun 11, 2016
These worked perfectly for me!
I run an Air BnB, these little lights add just enough illumination for my workers to move around in the evening but not bright enough to disturb the guest.
May 29, 2016
I'm thinking of purchasing another pair.
For outdoor
May 01, 2016
Light up outside
The product is no good it does not light up very well. A candle will light up better than this product.
Apr 27, 2016
They are too dim. Regret that I purchased the gutter lights
Shopping online.
Apr 01, 2016
very dim
very dim, the spacer that was supposed to be there wasn't so it didn't fit properly. Was putting cardboard in it to try and make it stay. Gonna send it back.
Mar 13, 2016
Shine the light
Good product, will buy more wish it shined bigger area.
Jun 12, 2015
Lights not so helpful
Purchased these lights to lighten a dark stairway on my deck. They do great when they are lit but they do not stay on long enough even after being outside in all day sunlight. Nice looking but performance very dissapointing.
Jun 08, 2015
Gutter Lights
I am very disappointed with this product. I purchased two lights and had them installed per the instructions on my gutters. They do not work! I made sure that the "On Button" was on and inserted the batteries that were supplied. They have been up for more than one week and do not light up! Very disappointed and feel that I wasted my money.
Jul 30, 2014
don't buy
Very cheaply made. Not enough light.
Jul 10, 2014
Couldn't see and still can't
I placed two at the end of the house and can actually light a match and receive more light than these give. They only have 1 very little spot that it shines. Not what I thought it would do.
May 04, 2014
Disappointed in lighting
This product does not give off any light at all, if I hadn't torn boxes I wouold have returned. Completely unsatisfied.
Apr 23, 2014
poor lighting
for that price they should have been a little better quality.
Mar 09, 2014
Poor lighting
Installed this on the outside shed in hopes of startling small animals so a that they would not come int the yard. The light is not at all bright nor wide spread
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