Deluxe Card Shuffler (4 Decks) (E9815)

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Deluxe card shuffler quickly mixes multiple decks of playing cards in seconds! Just insert your decks into this professional, Vegas-style card shuffler and push the button. In the blink of an eye, the cards are automatically shuffled, stacked and ready to deal. Perfect for poker, blackjack, whatever your game is! Holds up to 4 standard decks. 8" L x 5-3/4" H x 3-3/4" W. Uses 4 AA batteries (not incl.).


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Apr 15, 2017
As regular card players we bought this shuffler to replace one that has been slowing down and not getting all the cards down. We were highly disappointed in it as it is very noisy, does not shuffle well, and we have to keep stopping it because the cards hang up. To tell the truth; we got the old shuffler out and used it anyway and put the "new" one away. So much for new is better. I would never buy this again.
Feb 07, 2017
Noisy Card Shuffler
It does not shuffle well for multi-deck card games and it is quite noisy.
Dec 22, 2016
This thing is a piece of junk!
I use this to help fill up my trash can!
Sep 04, 2016
Been looking for this for AGES!!
This has changed our game, which uses six decks, and now the cards are sorted so much better than manually that no one can "predict" what card comes up next. The new shuffling sound as a special touch too!
Aug 26, 2016
when playing cards with friends
Jan 29, 2016
Sorry I bought this card shuffler
Really looked forward to useing this item.. It jammed up most of the time and I think it would cost more to send back.
Jan 13, 2016
Deluxe Card Shuffler
Bought for 8 yr old great nephew who can't shuffle the cards easily without them flying all over the place.When he visits we play two old card games. Fish and War. He loves the shuffler.
Jan 07, 2016
Ordered two, one didn't work. A bit noisy to use.
Great idea but would not repurchase again.
Jan 01, 2016
Sorry I bought this shuffler
The shuffler want to jams up and we wind up shuffling by hand. We use this shuffler at the Senior center and our old hand have a hard time shuffling multi decks. So we wasted our money on this poorly built item.
Dec 13, 2015
Batteries did not make a good connection. Had to work on it to make it work
Dec 11, 2015
Did exactly as advertise
Useful for playing card games, since I am unable to shuffle myself.
Nov 04, 2015
Was unable to really try this out because it was broken. The first time we tried it only 1 side would go thru shuffler. Tried it several times and it would not shuffle both sides.
Oct 04, 2015
Great Item! Saves on all those hand movements.
The Card Shuffler saves time from hand shuffling. It also saves the hands, especially arthritic or sore hands that don't work as well as they used to. It works well, but could use a little improvement, i.e., make it a little sturdier. Otherwise, good product.
Aug 28, 2015
I would buy this product again. It's all that I expected.
Can't imagine not having this card shuffler . It is better than I expected. Have friends that saw it and have already ordered one of their own.
Jun 28, 2015
It was good but only lasted 6mo with minimal use
Mar 31, 2012
bad only one side worked very unhappy
would send it back if i had kept the receipt.
Mar 26, 2012
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't
One side didn't always work - I was using three decks of cards. I've used one for many years that was made for two decks, so I thought I'd try a larger one. I returned it, and asked for another one to be sent. I'll try it one more time. I will recommend it to a friend as long as I get one that works.
Mar 09, 2012
very loud! I'm better off doing it!
My boyfriend and I play cards all the time so we thought it'd be neat to get a card shuffler, the first time we used it it was sooo loud! We usually play cards at night after we put our daughter to bed, and we cant even use it! Doesn't matter anways though since the cards on the one side don't slide down into the middle. We should have saved our money and just shuffled them the old fashion way tbh... Very disappointed....
Feb 29, 2012
I would not buy this product again.
use several times a month. one side works ok,other side dose not push cards through at all.
Feb 06, 2012
Comments on Deluxe Card Shuffler 9518
Card shuffler worked better with 2-1/2" cards than the smaller 2-1/4" cards (bridge size)
Dec 26, 2011
Delux Card Shuffler/NOT
We play cards regularly. This product does not hold up at all. It would be worth the money to find dependalble shufflers. The ones with C type batteries last a bit longer, but still are low quality. One side always fail first. I have tried them several times without any difference. They are terrible. You need to find bette ones to sell. Thank you for listening to my problems.
Dec 02, 2011
Battery hatch problem
Excellent, except the battery hatch keeps popping open and the battery falls out and the shuffler won't function. I have another one that works perfectly for our Canasta games.
Nov 20, 2011
not good enough or offten enoughcard
myself and wife play hand and foot daily.not easy to shuffle two pair of cards constantly. though the shuffler would help. It does not, one side constantly stops shuffling cards , very innefective, would not recommend to anyone!.
Nov 15, 2011
work good
Sep 17, 2011
have not used it yet.
This is the second an third one of these I have bought. They are gifts so they have not been given or used yet. The other ones i bought 9from a different source) one of them was broken upon arrival and one worked perfectly.
Sep 06, 2011
worked only one day
When this worked it was sufficient for its design, but from the beginning it did not work well, and then it just did not work at all.
Aug 08, 2011
I like it
not real often
Apr 09, 2011
Card Shufflers
I bought a card shuffler and it did not work. My sister bought one and it did not work also. I am sending mine back, but my sister doesn't have the box or paper work so I guess she cannot send it back. I have purchased these in the past and been happy with them, but now two purchased and they have not worked.
Mar 26, 2011
So, So
Product does not really shuffle properly all the time. But if using three decks of cards, ie 6 player Canasta, it is easier than manually shuffling. But it does take some hit and miss shuffling to get the job done.
Mar 05, 2011
Doesn't shuffle one deck of cards well
It moves one side of the cards as it should but have to fan out cards on the opposite side or they don't feed into the shuffler
Feb 15, 2011
Card Shuffler - Terrible
I bought 4 of these for Christmas gifts for my 3 girlfriends & myself who have a Canasta club. I bought them in 9/10 but didn't give them as gifts until Christmas. All 4 will not work. A couple of them worked a few times but then quit. The other two would never work correctly. We even changed the batteries out twice but that still didn't help. These were the biggest waste of money that I've ever purchased.
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