Compression Gloves

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Ladies Gloves - Pair (C6131)

  • $9.98 each

Men Gloves - Pair (C6132)

  • $9.98 each


COMPRESSION GLOVES provide fast relief for stiff, painful hands and fingers. Comfortable, open-finger gloves fit snugly to warm joints, massage muscles and im­prove blood circulation. Special raised nubs on palm and finger areas provide a secure grip when handling objects. Ideal for those with arthritis or limited hand mobil­ity. Cotton/poly/spandex blend. For women and men. One pair. Hand wash. Imported.

"I would buy them again . I love them. Helps with the pain.  Please keep them in stock." -Customer in Connecticut


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6131 Ladies Gloves - Pair In Stock
6132 Men's Gloves - Pair In Stock