Better Brella

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Red (F9865)

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    $19.98 each

Blue (F9866)

  • $29.98
    $19.98 each

Black (F9867)

  • $29.98
    $19.98 each


BETTER BRELLA KEEPS YOU DRY AT ALL TIMES! Revolutionary umbrella features a new reverse open/close design—it folds from the in­side out! Now you can enter and exit your vehicle or home without fumbling or getting your clothes or floors wet, as with regular umbrellas. A wind diffuser feature helps weather gusty winds and blowing rain. Has ergonomic handle. 41-1/2" x 32".

"I bought two, one for myself and for my husband. I like the reverse way it opens and closes. When you get in your car to sit down, you pull it closed in an opposite fashion so that it doesn't get caught on the car door and you can close the car door quickly since it is raining." -Customer in Illinois


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9865 Red In Stock
9866 Blue In Stock
9867 Black In Stock

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