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Hurricane® Spin Mop (F7141)

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Additional Mop Head (E7142)

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Hurricane® Spin Mop cleans, dries and polishes all at once! Super-absorbent head soaks up to 10X its weight in dirty, grimy water, trapping it inside. Just dunk mop in the bucket and push the foot pedal. Centri­fugal force spins the mop head dry, so it’s not dripping when it hits your floors; you never touch the dirty water! Machine washable micro-fiber mop head (included) swivels a full 360°. Aluminum handle is 45" L.

Sorry, the Spin Mop Dolly is no longer available.

"I love it. It is so easy and mess free. No more bending or touching dirty water again. I will be giving these as gifts." -Customer in New Mexico


Based on 29 reviews
May 01, 2017
would buy it again
like it easy to use
Apr 02, 2017
Not Great
Spinner broke, fixed it, broke again. Gave up.
Apr 01, 2017
Spin Mop Head(s)
Unable to use as it would not lock into the base. Sadly, I am returning product
Sep 08, 2016
I like this product. It works like I thought it should.
I have a small kitchen and a small laundry room that I clean with this product. So far, it is doing a really good job.
Sep 04, 2016
Love it
This product is great would order again Worth the Money the only thing In my order that was
Jul 14, 2016
I would buy this mop again
Use this mop, wet or dry. It works great. As others have said it does make it easier on you back. I would recommend this to anyone.
May 06, 2016
Feb 03, 2016
Love my mop doesn't hurt my back any more mopping
I love my mop I can mop now it doesn't hurt my back to mop any more spins water really good . Getting ready to dust mop
Jan 09, 2016
Should be called Wonder Mop!
This is GREAT!!! I have arthritis in my hands and it is difficult to wring out a mop and I have never really liked sponge mops. This solves the problem completely . My thanks to whoever invented this
Jan 08, 2016
very pleased and satisfied
I have one and like it so much I decided to give it as a gift.
Jan 06, 2016
Love it!
My wife said it's the best thing I brought her in a long time!
Nov 10, 2015
I had to return before first use!
I only took it out of the box, set it up, and tried to use it once before it broke! The whole bottom part of the dolly broke. The wheels came off and they couldn't be put back on. It was a real disappointment for someone with less capabilities and needs to make mopping easier.
Oct 23, 2015
Broke on the first try
I use it in the normal way people use mops! I use it a home. I set it up and was just about to use it the first time, and the whole bottom fell out. The wheels broke off first, then the bottom. It was awful! I will try to exchange once and hope I get a good replacement. If that doesn't work, I want my full refund.
Jul 18, 2015
Spin mop
I use this on floors, ceilings and walls. they stay clean of grease and other stuff. When I bought mine it was 2 four 1 I gave the second one to my grandson he loves it also.
Mar 27, 2015
Excellent Buy!
It's great for anyone with back problems and it gets into small areas under cabinets, under the toe space of appliances. It's the best mop I have ever owned, Your hands also never touch the dirty water.
Feb 05, 2015
Hurricane Mop
I love my hurricane mop but my gear went out on the foot pump too soon had to buy a new one
Dec 26, 2014
I love this mop!
For quick spill cleanup,
Dec 03, 2014
Liking it
I like everything about the product. Works as advertised. Only small nuisance is the overall bucket is a little bulky when trying to fill it from the kitchen sink and the portion of the bucket that wrings out the excess is not super powerful. It takes many uses of the foot pedal to wring out the mop.
Nov 08, 2014
Love it
the best to use for my floors.
Oct 29, 2014
Mop Efficiency
I find this product very convenient to use. I like spinning the mop so that it can air dry without dripping.
Oct 18, 2014
Great new solution...
Easy to use, you can control how dry mop is buy the amount of spins. Hands never have to touch cleaning solutions. I have been using for about 1 month, haven't found anything wrong..
Oct 06, 2014
herricane spin mop
I love this mop. The only reason the handle would come apart is if you are not holding onto it right when you spin it. There is a handle in the middle that spins to keep the mop in place. I have had mine almost a year and have had no problems at all. I use in my home and in the offices I clean. I would recommend it to any and everyone...
Aug 11, 2014
Just the tool I needed.
After shattering my elbow four years ago, I bought a Hurricane Spin Mop at our local hardware store. I was unable to use my right arm for several weeks and the mop was just what I needed. The only problem I had with it was that the spinner stopped working this past winter but my handyman husband took it apart and fixed it with a piece of plastic drinking straw. It is still working. I bought one for use at our Kingdom Hall and recently purchased two additional mop heads.
Aug 01, 2014
doesn't work like stated
The mop does not wring out all the water...leaves puddles on laminate flooring. The head is impossible to clean expecially if you have pets. Overall I thought the idea is a good one, however does not work as stated...I was very disappointed. I would have returned if I could have found my receipt. Wasted $40.00
Jul 11, 2014
The best mop I have ever had
I have Arthritis pretty bad and this is the best mor for handling and it picks up water and spill so so goof
Jun 28, 2014
Great mop easy to use Love It
I have tile floors through out my house and I also have pets that shed. This mop works great for cleaning, but it is also a great dust mop. I spritz it with a little water and pick up dust, pet hair and etc. between mopping. Also great for large and small spills. I bought an extra mop head for that just in case time and found I was glad I had it, as I had to use it for a large spill and the other one was in the wash. Love this mop.
Jun 25, 2014
Spin Mop
This mop worked ok the first 6 days, but on the 7th day the step on spinner broke, thats 40.00 down the drain.
Jun 15, 2014
I love this mop!
I have a bad back and bending is a problem. This mop makes it much easier and on top of that it works!
Jun 13, 2014
Love it!
I love it. It is so easy and mess free. No more bending or touching dirty water again. I will be giving these as gifts.
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7141 Hurricane® Spin Mop In Stock
7142 Additional Mop Head In Stock

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