Silk Petunias

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Pink (C2718)

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Silk Petunias bloom year-round indoors or out! Add a splash of color to your home or garden with lifelike poly/silk petunias. Best of all, they never need watering! 19" bush has 30 blooms.


Based on 6 reviews
May 12, 2017
inexpensive but really cheap looking even from afar
I bought to put in outside window box in a shaded area that real flowers won't grow. Really did not suit me at all won't return but will not reorder either
Apr 10, 2016
We needed more pink flowers. Looked like paper. we returned
service was great, sending it back,good waiting to get our money back. We used this outside and the flowers were very fake looking. There was a good amount of flowers and we needed dark pink and there was not. We were glad we tried. Thank you love the catalogue
Apr 22, 2015
A great find
Placed on my Patio and they look so real. I can't do real.
Jun 14, 2013
good at a distnace but not up close
This looks ok from a distance, so if you are surrounding your house and won't have anyone up close to tem, they look nice. If you want to put them up front or by the front door, they look so fake, it isn't even close. So at a distance, they are nice, up close, obviously fake and cheap looking.
Oct 22, 2011
Not even close
I have 21 windowboxes at my home. In the summer, I plant real petunias in them. During the other seasons, I use silk decor in them because I just hate a naked windowbox! So I have faux decor for fall, winter, and spring and they all look "good enough" and so far all have held up outside over our tough New England seasons.I bought one of each of these petunias (pink and purple) to see if they would be good enough to use in my windowboxes for summer, instead of planting real ones. I'm not getting any younger and climbing a ladder to plant isn't great now. Moreover, the cost of petunias every year is as much as these would cost me to buy ONCE. So I was really hoping they'd work as they'd save me time and money.Well, they were not even close. Sorry to say, they are extremely fake-looking, and actually look more like poppies than petunias. Not even from a distance do they look good.I won't be buying any more and would not recommend them. I don't like writing negative reviews, but if it saves someone the [$] it cost me to test these, I think it's worth it. Also, if the manufacturer gets enough bad reviews, maybe they'll make them look better. One can hope!
May 08, 2011
Amazingly life-like!!
These petunia plants are awesome. I ordered both the pink and purple ones. I use them outside in my window boxes. They look so life-like it is hard to tell they are silk unless you are really close. Hint: Spray them with scotch guard to keep them from fading.
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