Slipper Pet Bed

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“SLIPPER” PET BED IS THE PERFECT HIDEAWAY! Your small dog or cat will love the soft, cozy interior of this bed that resembles a bedroom slipper. It’s an ideal spot to snuggle up in and catch some winks. Velvety, plush padded polyester is trimmed with plaid. Has a non-slip bottom. Hand wash. 21" D x 16-3/4" W x 13" H.


Based on 7 reviews
Mar 07, 2017
Definitely for a smaller dog
I bought this for our 11 lb 12 oz Pomeranian. She always likes to burrow under blankets, etc. I thought she would really like it. She doesn't. She won't go in it on her own. She fits when I put her in it, but barely. Definitely is for a smaller dog. The concept is cute. I keep hoping one day she will decide to sleep in it.
Jan 13, 2017
Slipper pet bed
So adorable however, I ordered the bed after reading the description and read it would be ok for a small cat but my girl, weighing in at 9 lb tried and tried to get in and turn around, it just was not working for her. I think it would be ok if one started out with a small kitten. This is the first time in all my shopping with "HC" I have been so disappointed with most of my purchases
Jan 01, 2017
It's for my cats and they love it. Great product
Great product for cats
Dec 29, 2016
My granddog loves this shoe. He snuggles in it when he sleeps by the fireplace and when he gets too hot he sleeps on top of it. He looks so cute. It was his favorite gift.
Dec 22, 2016
We bought two and our dogs love them. We had to buy two.
We bought one and the dogs were fighting over it so we had to buy the second one. There is now peace in the family. We like them and the dogs love them.
Dec 16, 2016
Slipper pet bed
I gave these to my neighbors babies because my babies liked theirs so much..
Dec 15, 2016
Got the Tan bed
I should have ordered the large bed. My puppy does not go all the way inside. However so goes into it and seems to like it.
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