Gutter Wedges (C4280)

$9.98 for a set of 2
2 - 3 sets for $9.25 each
4 or more sets for $8.99 each
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Gutter Wedges keep downspouts free and clear of leaves and debris! Sturdy, weather-resistant screens snap into shape and install easily over your downspout opening. Catches debris; allows rainwater to flow easily to downspout. Prevents gutter overflow, blockages and flooding. Fits all standard gutters. 7¾" L each. Set of 2.


Based on 20 reviews
Mar 24, 2017
Gutter Wedges
The guy who cleans my gutters put them up. He said he has seen a few different kinds but he thought these might just work. Too soon to tell.
Dec 15, 2015
Review of gutter wedge
The person that I asked to help put up for refused. Too cheaply made. They were returned..
Oct 11, 2015
is good to have
enough already
Sep 04, 2015
East to install
Easy to install. I am waiting for agood rain and fall to see how well they work.
Aug 30, 2015
So far they seem to be working.
We used the product on all gutters and downspouts. We have a lot of trees in the back of our house and this time of the year the leaves are hard to keep out of these areas. They are doing a good job of letting the water get through. I feel relieved that I don't have to check on them all the time to remove debris.
Aug 15, 2015
can't give accurate review, intended use to keep birds from building their nest in/under gutter gards, have to wait for spring.
Aug 07, 2015
Gutter Guard
No more clogged water spouts
Dec 17, 2013
Gutter Wedges
Thin plastic but works for what I needed.
Sep 28, 2013
Made very cheaply
Just made to cheaply to do the job. Lots of rain just lift it right out of the down spout.
Sep 13, 2013
Gutter Wedges Didn't Fit Properly
We had a struggle getting the first one in, and even then, it didn't fit properly. The second one would not fit at all. They should come in different widths.
Sep 10, 2013
Does what it's supposed to.
Does the trick to stop all the leaves & acorns from plugging up the downspouts during a hard rain.
Sep 03, 2013
would buy them again
a perfect solution for my problem. simple to assemble and install. I have over size gutters and birds were trying to build nests in down tubes. very effective, easy to clean and don't restrict water flow. Only one minor critique; when hooking two wedges back to back, for a mid-span down tube, the joining pegs are flimsy and hard to install, so I used small tie wraps instead. Worked perfectly! Very Happy.
Jul 10, 2013
4280 Gutter Wedges
Too light weight to stay put, and does not fit gutter downspout.
May 15, 2013
Don't judge a book by it's cover!
I will have to modify it or my down spout to make it work! Extra work for me! Was surprised to see that it didn't quite fit!
Oct 28, 2012
Gutter Wedges
I bought this to keep acorns out of the gutter. Works just fine
Oct 27, 2012
I would buy this product
I had to move spouting brackets that were over the downspout hole. Not this products fault
Oct 23, 2012
Doesn't fill up gutter. a good rain will probably wash them out of the gutter.
Mar 09, 2012
Product does what it advertises.
Aug 05, 2011
"This product makes my life easier ."
I found that this clever invention allow me to assemble in on the ground and limited my time hanging on my ladder.I still go up to inspect my gutters but there are no clogs or water back-ups..just a few leaves and dirt to clear. This device limits my ladder time and I choose when to go up and clean not when it's raining to upclog the leaves
Aug 04, 2011
Fantastic Product-Works as Described
The Wedge is a lifesaver for our home gutters, we bought the Gutter Scoop which works well well in cleaning out gutters. Once we cleaned the gutters we put the wedges in the downspouts they flow down with no obstructions. Great for our maple tree helicopters and pine needles that always cause us issues. Save your home and money with these wedges.
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