Upholstery Locks (B4435)

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Keep furniture covers and throws from shifting! Set of 24 upholstery locks have small, corkscrew-shaped metal pins that twist in and out with ease. Great for holding arm rests, bed sheets, throws and more in place.

"I remember my grandma having these. They are still a lifesaver for sheets and covers on furniture to keep it in place. Such a simple yet wonderful product!" -Customer in Colorado


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Apr 08, 2017
works good
good product
Mar 29, 2017
These worked fine
I was looking doe these because our grandkids kept taking off the arm covers on one of our chairs to use them for doll blankets. LOL I didn't mind that too much but after a year of it, they actually just took them off and tossed them on the floor. (2 yr old specifically, 5 yr old was better). I had trouble finding these so when I saw them here I bought 2 boxes of them for various other reasons. I personally felt they were a little small and flimsy compared to the ones I remembered but they did the job and that's all that I really cared about. :)
Mar 07, 2017
Do not waste your money on these.
Honestly, I cannot believe anyone would recommend these things. These 5-star ratings must be total fiction, unless they got a different product than I did. I ordered these to hold couch slipcovers in place. They're too small, and the wire coil is very flimsy. Half of them broke while I was trying to install them. The point is dull, so it was hard to push them through even the slipcover, much less the upholstery The ones that did go in correctly were loose in a few weeks, and I'm retired and live alone so it's not as if the couch got a lot of rough use.
Sep 01, 2016
Waste of money
The upholstery locks are useless. The wires are thin and too small to hold on to anything. A silly waste of time and money.
Jun 16, 2016
Had these many years ago and just bought some "older" furniture that has protective covers, so had to get more.
Apr 12, 2016
Hold that ruffle up!
Dust ruffles ride up so secure them with the little guys.
Feb 01, 2016
Upholstery Locks
Mar 16, 2012
easy in easy out
I got these to hold coutch cover in place. they do not stay in place very well. Shortly after I put them on they started poping out when I sat on the coutch even on the arm rest.They don't stade up to any tenshen at all.
Feb 25, 2012
Omg...these are great!!
I've used this product on my lazy boy recliner, to secure arm rest covers and my throw! The thing that is great about these are there clear button apperance, and the cork screw like needle that goes into whatever your attaching to your furniture! I've never seen any damage to my furniture from these, I just love them and will be ordering more to have on hand! I bought 2 to start but, had a hard time finding these for 6 months but, thanks to Harriet Carter I finnaly have found them! And I'm so glad I did, by far the best product ever made!
Feb 17, 2012
Great product
Used it to keep throw in place on couch
Feb 14, 2012
wire too flimsy-easy to pull out
wire is too flimsy and pulled out from sofa, need heavier wire. I remember my grandmother using these and she had no problem with them pulling out cause they were much sturdier.
Dec 18, 2011
Work Great
The plastic is uncomfortable if you brush against it
Nov 14, 2011
Finally found them.
My mother used to have these and I had looked all over for them, Hers were a little heavier made but I'm very happy to have them.
Sep 13, 2011
They keep everything in place and neat.
I use this product on my sofa throw so that it doesn't look messy every time someone sits on it.
Aug 29, 2011
Just Awesome!
I remember my grandma having these. They are still a lifesaver for sheets and covers on furniture to keep it in place. Such a simple yet wonderful product!
Aug 10, 2011
A Needed Accessory and Hard to Find
I have two expensive knit throws on my sectional sofa that will not stay put. Everytime I get up, they shift. I remember many years ago there were these little circular hooks that held this kind of thing in place on furniture. I couldn't find them in stores or in other catalogs, but I was overjoyed to find them in the Harriett Carter catalog.
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