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Urine Gone™ removes new or old stains & odors from carpets, mattresses, furniture - just about any washable surface or fabric! Darken the room and use the included "stain detector" black light to let you find the urine messes. Just spray on Urine Gone and its enzyme action makes stains and odors disappear. Supersized 24 fl. oz.

"This is a product that truly does do what it says. Any urine or soil stain that the dogs produce is gone when I use this product. Not just the stain but the smell also." -Customer in Texas


Based on 37 reviews
Apr 30, 2017
Love it. Gokng to order more. Does thw job.
Easy to use. Does its job fast..
Dec 14, 2016
Removes the stains and smell.. love this product.
Love this product, it removes the strains and smell great product.
Oct 10, 2016
This product really works!
I was a little skeptical before purchasing, but this product really works! Takes the stain AND odor out right away.
Aug 26, 2016
Great product!
This not only got rid of an old Tom cat pee smell, but also worked great cleaning around the toilet to get rid of urine smell ( husband dribbles)!!!
Aug 12, 2016
The product simply did not work in that it did not remove any of the urine stains after repeated usage as directed. Nature's Miracle is a much better product for a third of the price. A waste of money.
Apr 28, 2016
Not as good as it sounds.
I sprayed it on urine spots and left it. I did not remove the smell and it did not remove the stain. After several times using it I finally used a carpet spotter and cleaned it with that. The stain was lifted but the smell was there just a little. Not sure if I would buy this again.
Dec 02, 2015
The Light that comes with this does not completely light up
The spray was good but the light to find urine spots sucks. does not get bright enough and no light shines on the ends just in the middle so it has to be completely dark and you have to put the light right up against the wall. would like to have the light replaced
Nov 02, 2015
Works great!
This is a great product. Just spray and let dry and odor disappears. I use it because my toddler has accidents on the bed and I am attempting to save my mattress before resorting to buying a new one! Love this product!
Oct 08, 2015
Stain remover
Used this for the first time and it's very good. Took the stain out of the carpet and the bedspread too. Bedspread needed 2 applications. Am very pleased and will recommend and order again.
Aug 25, 2015
Works like it says it will
I use it to remove urine stains from the carpet(produced by incontinent parent)
Jul 12, 2015
It works really well.
A larger refill would be nice. I wouldn't have known where a lot of the markings were without the black light.
May 09, 2015
seems to work pretty well so far.
so far i have used on couple of old stains and one new one it seems to be doing the job that was stated in the the catalog.
Apr 28, 2015
Urine gone and UV light
Service was so good. First lamp did not work, and they immediately and in good time replaced it.
Mar 10, 2015
This stuff seems to work for my purposes
This works well as a pretreat on mattress pads for incontinence. Just wish it came in a larger bottle.
Mar 07, 2015
very disappointing
unable to get bulb to light should be ready to use cust should not have to try different ways to get the bulb to light
Aug 15, 2014
very good product
amazong achievement of cleaning thanks.
Oct 24, 2013
Urine gone
The black light worked fine, however the Urine gone spray that we applied by instructions, left a worst smell of urine than before that lasted for over a day. Also the stains did not go away as advertised. We would not recommend this product, and suggest to look for something else thank you Bonnie
Sep 30, 2013
I would buy it over and over. Very good
Very good stuff
Sep 08, 2013
Pet Urine Stain on Carpet
Used the product on pet urine stain on carpet - Made smell of urine come back and did not take stain away. Very disappointed.
Jun 13, 2013
Better Design on Black Light
I received this as a gift about a year ago. The old blacklight model had a design defect, battery door tabs broke off first time batteries changed. I noted the new design is much better. Unfortunately, when I complained to Harriet Carter they said they had no record of the purchase and dropped my complaint without any resolution!!
May 23, 2013
Works Great!
I have tried many similar products including a rug shampooer with 'pet stain' cleaner, and this is the only one that works removing new and old animal urine stains and odors. It even prevents animals from marking again in the same spot. When my senior dog sniffs, he can't smell previous markings.
Nov 19, 2012
The black light did not show stain, had to feel for wet area. Stain showed up after area sprayed. The spray did remove odors.
Jun 21, 2012
I will buy again!
I've rescued cats/dogs for 20 + years no other product, that I have found removes the smell of cat urine. This one does!!! Wish it was sold in bigger bottles!a gallon refill would be great!
Jun 10, 2012
Ewww that was gross!!
Wish it came in a bigger bottle.
May 23, 2012
substandard product
tried using Urine Gone where I thought urine was, but without black light I couldn't tell if I was getting spray in right place. Too expensive to use without knowing exactally where to use spray. left carpet gummy. did not like it at all... waste of my money.
Mar 03, 2012
Still Waiting for the stain to disappear
I've used this on just one spot over and over and over and the spot still shows up under the black light. Although the smell is gone, the stain remains.
Dec 29, 2011
i would buy this product again
really worked
Dec 11, 2011
I'm back buying more!
Perfect for the pet owner, or for dealing with accidents that small children sometimes have. Also good for pre-spotting laundry, effective on perspiration stains. This product really works, but you need to be patient - it is often slow acting. A real plus would be selling larger refills - 40 oz or 1/2 gallon sizes would be great!
Oct 31, 2011
Great Job!!
You most definately need to try this product, it really WORKS!!
Oct 24, 2011
works well good product
works great
Sep 20, 2011
I have purchased refills - fantastic
I have 3 dogs, one is 17 yrs old and has problems waiting to go out. I can use this product on om wood floors or on my carpet
Aug 30, 2011
Best thing ever
This product really works. My alfa male has decided to start spraying in the house. He is now outside, but occasionally makes his mark. This product removes the stain and the smell. I will never be without it.
Aug 21, 2011
Excellent product
This is a product that truly does do what it says. Any urine or soil stain that the dogs produce is gone when I use this product. Not just the stain but the smell also.
Aug 16, 2011
Urine Gone Great!
Having 4 dogs, I find Urine Gone invaluable for stains, even set in ones. Also my husband is disabled, and I found it works on human stains as well. It works great in the laundry too!
Jul 22, 2011
A pet's best friend!
I think this stuff works great. I have a naughty kitty who when upset will pee in inappropriate places. It works best when you use it right away. Use papertowels to soak up any excess, DO NOT use a cleanser or any type of cleaning product on it first. Spray it on and let it dry. Once dry do a sniff test, if you can still smell any urine, spray it again. If it is a large amount on a carpet, you are going to want to spray enough to soak through to under the carpet as well. The smell of the product is a little different, not bad, but not "pretty." But it is better than the smell of urine! That product smell will also fade without the smell of the urine returning. I think it is a must for any pet owner!
May 30, 2011
It Really Works
I have used Urine Gone multiple times and would like to recommend it to others who have a problem with cat or dog urine. I use it in my living room under my bed in cat houses and on some small rugs and towels
May 08, 2011
urine gone is far over rated.
My dog is getting old and has urine leakage. I bought this product to get rid of the odor on our bedroom carpet. Much to my dismay it did not work. Followed directions esplicitly to no avail.
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