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Squirrel chaser keeps pesky squirrels and chipmunks from making mayhem in your yard! Safe, all-natural ingredients create a scent that repels rodents from gardens, bird-feeders, trees and plants. Just tie a pouch to the area you wish to protect. Includes 3 pouches.


Based on 55 reviews
Jun 26, 2017
total junk
I watched a squirrel destroy my tomato plant with it's nose inches away from a brand new sachet. given the overwhelming negative response an honest company would take this junk out of their catalog. Don't waste your money on this garbage.
Apr 27, 2017
Would not buy again...
This product DOES NOT work the squirrels sat right beside it eating bird food and 1 squirrel tried to carry it off. Didn't deter them at all. I gave one star be a useful it wouldn't let me continue with no stars.
Jul 08, 2016
does not work
Product is overrated, does not work, waste of money. Squirrels eat bird feed right next to this product.
Jun 29, 2016
This product does NOT work!
Jun 02, 2016
Does not work at all!
These do not work at all, didn't deter on squirrel
May 27, 2016
squirrel chaser
no odor, so what will keep the squirrels away?
May 18, 2016
Did not keep the squirrels out of the bird feeder.
May 12, 2016
Squirrel chaser
I bought a version of this product some years ago. It's pet dander and moth balls. I already have plenty of pet dander, but haven't seen moth balls for a long time. I'm still waiting to see how well it works.
Mar 22, 2016
Disappointing results
The product had no impact keeping away the squirrels. They literally sat on top of the three pouches and continued to eat the bird seed from the hanging feeder.
Nov 06, 2015
It helped somewhat. Better than other products we tried.
It was easy to install, with a smell (as expected) but the smell did not last long even after hitting it on the ground,as instructed. Seemed to help when the odor was present. Maybe someone else might have better luck or have lazier squirrels than we have.
Sep 29, 2015
Squirrel chaser actually works!!
I was surprised when the squirrels actually stayed away from the little bags that you attach. The smell was strong at first, and I thought it would just run down very fast. I have been using the same three little bags for almost two (2) months now. The squirrels just look up at the feeder and then just go away. I would recommend them to anyone with bird feeders where you want the squirrels to stay away.
Sep 11, 2015
Squirrels ignore it and dig up lawn right under it!
I think the squirrels enjoy it! They are continuing to dig up the lawn right under them. So disappointed.
Jun 03, 2015
Didn't work
The product did not work from day 1 of use. The squirrels just went right passed them and got the bird seed.
May 10, 2015
Squirrels didn't even notice them!
We have potted plants around the pool area. The plants are long established trees and the squirrels like to dig in the pots scattering dirt everywhere. Almost every morning I have to sweep up the dirt. I purchased a package of the Squirrel Chaser (3 in the pkg) and hung them on the bottom branches of the trees expecting the squirrels would be repulsed, given the promises in the catalogue. The very next morning, and following mornings, I was still sweeping up the dirt. The Squirrel Chaser didn't chase away squirrels or cats. In fact, when I opened the package in the house, smelt of it (smells like moth balls), and then left it on the kitchen counter while I went to find my shoes, I came back to find my cat laying on it. Maybe my package contained old "Chasers".
May 09, 2015
didn't keep our squirrels away.
don't work.
Apr 18, 2015
excellent product
excellent for keeping pest out of my garden
Aug 19, 2014
not help
been tried many kinds, but never work! Finally i use a very long shower curtain's pole, and greased with machine oil, hang the bird feeder at the top, pole cannot close to the tree or wall. squirrels never success to climb up and take the bird seed. hahaha... this is the first time in my life i won and not lost to the squirrels.
Jul 27, 2014
Squirrel Chaser
We live in Sarasota, FL and this is the first product that has successfully kept the squirrels out of the bird feeder. We had tried many other ways and nothing worked. We would highly recommend using the Squirrel Chaser. We even purchased extra to give to friends.
Apr 23, 2014
Did not do job advertised.
Hung in trees to keep squirrels away from birds. Birds left and squirrels kept coming. Did not work as advertised.
Apr 22, 2014
Poor Product
Wish I had read the reviews before I bought the product it is a complete waste of time and money and and my poor husband had to climb the tree for nothing as the squirrels are still eating the bird seed.It should be removed from the catalogue. J Clarke
Apr 15, 2014
This product is worthless.
Mar 22, 2014
Squirrel Chaser
This was a waste of money. The day I put it up and everyday after the squirrels were eating the bird seed. I had to take the feeders in to keep the squirrels away.
Feb 17, 2014
Very misleading
Save your money! Squirrel sat right where product was hanging and ate bird seed from the feeder. Smells like it is a bag of moth balls. Ridiculous waste of money!
Feb 12, 2014
Don't even bother!
This was worthless! Squirrels were right next to it and kept right on eating the bird seed. Your service was good and you did refund my money which I appreciate. Taught me to read reviews before purchasing an item.
Dec 26, 2013
I have more squirrels now. waist of time
I would not sugest the your co. even sell this. I have had great luck before with your products..This was just JUNK.......
Aug 19, 2013
Don't judge a book by its cover
This was an absolute waste of time...and money
Aug 06, 2013
Dont waste your time and money!!
I must have squirrels that cant smell. They sat 1 inches from the bag and ate the bird seed like no tomorrow. I guess I should have read the reviews first.
Aug 05, 2013
Does not work!
The first few days it seemed to work, but then the squirrels reappeared, unhampered by it! I wouldn't recommend it. I wish I had read the reviews before buying!
Aug 02, 2013
don't buy
What a joke! Go to the store and buy mothballs. A lot less money and you get a heck of a lot more than 9! I bought a 10oz box for less that $5. Why pay so much for 3 bags and some dog hair with 3 moth balls in each. I guess the only good thing is that I can refill the bags! Which I have already done!
Jul 05, 2013
Squirrel attractor
This product should be removed from the catalog. It does not work and makes me distrust any other products.
Jun 24, 2013
I think the squirrels like it.
Does not keep squirrels away.
Jun 20, 2013
What a waste!!!!! Save your money......
No problem w/delivery
May 24, 2013
total waste of money!
this product did not perform as expected. I am very disappointed. Can't complain about the delivery and the service - that was right on.
May 23, 2013
Needs Improvement
Well I like the LITTLE pouches. I don't have to throw moth balls on the ground anymore to try to keep the little critters away. In the catalog it shows the pouches much bigger then the squirrel.
May 21, 2013
What a waste!
We placed 2 sets (6 bags total)in our cherry tree hoping that this year, the cherries would ripen before the squirrels got to them. What a complete waste of effort. There are absolutely no cherries left in the tree. I even saw squirrels sitting right next to the bags as they pulled cherries from the surrounding branches. So disappointed!
May 18, 2013
This product is a waste of money
May 01, 2013
no luck with this
squirrel sat on bag while depleting supply of birdfood in feeder.
Apr 25, 2013
Squirrel chaser useless
Absolutely useless!
Apr 24, 2013
Completely ineffective in Little Rock
Completely ineffective in Little Rock, Arkansas. Squirrels lean across it to steal bird seed from feeder.
Apr 23, 2013
Don't throw your money away on this!!!!
These bags of "mothballs" did not work. I think the squirrels are laughing at anyone (including myself) that fell for this gimmick.
Apr 15, 2013
seems to be helpful no squirrels yet
package such be bigger
Apr 10, 2013
This product does not work. You should stop selling it as all it is is moth balls. Squirrels love them. People need to use Cyenne pepper. Doesn't effect the birds but the squirrels will not come back.
Mar 27, 2013
Does not work! Squerrils tried to eat it , then sat on it and ate bird food!
Mar 21, 2013
Doesn't effect the squirrel at all!!!
I was hoping to keep the squirrels off the bird feeders...no luck...we have tried everything...
Mar 11, 2013
Squirrel chaser didn't work for me
I guess I should have read the reviews before buying. The squirrels probably think I'm nuts...or maybe it's just the product they think is nuts!
Mar 04, 2013
Squirrel Chaser
The deterrent was totally ignored by the squirrels. No effect what so ever.
Mar 03, 2013
This does not work
Squirrels actually handled this and smelled it; not a deterrent at all. Anyone who purchased this, should get an immediate refund. This does not work!
Apr 26, 2012
Sql invasion!This product banished them
Can't say anything bad. They worked like magic. No more chewing at night or running (drove my dogs crazy! Thanks for it.
Apr 19, 2012
does nothing
this product does absolutely nothing. I still have many squirrels tearing my front porch roof being torn from the insulation panels, there are holes everywhere from them.I am sorry that I bought it.
Jul 10, 2011
Might as well call it "Squirrel Food"
I hung them near my roof line and waited a week. When I checked on them again they were torn open and mostly empty. Musta been tasty.
Jul 07, 2011
Not worth the money!
As with others I had hoped to keep the squirrels away from the bird feeders. I attached the bags tgo the feeders themselves. The squirrels just laid on them as they feed on the seed. The next course of action for the squirrels will not be pretty.
Jun 28, 2011
another product that didn't work
I hung it on my bird feeder to get rid of the squirrels. It didn't phase them. But nothing I have tried has chased them away
Jun 17, 2011
Not good
It was smaller then I thought they would be and they didnt seem to work they are light so the slighest wind blow them away
Apr 18, 2011
Squirrels don't scare easy
These do not work - the squirrels just walk or jump right past them. Would not spend any money on them.
Mar 28, 2011
Squirrel chaser
I was really hoping this would keep the squirrels off the bird feeders-they just ignore it!!
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