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Keep your garden hose neatly coiled and kink-free! Caddy prevents tangling and tripping by storing hose up and off the ground. Portable stand stakes easily in ground so you can have a hose handy wherever you need one. Weather-resistant coated metal.  37" H.


Based on 32 reviews
Jun 24, 2017
not good enough for what we needed
nothing great about it tossed aside , Would not stay in the ground . Might be all right for those pocket hose.
May 14, 2017
Works for lightweight hoses
Caddy is too flimsy for regular garden hoses. Would probably work okay for lightweight hoses.
Oct 27, 2016
Cheaply made. I tossed it in the garbage.
It would not stay in the ground. I tossed it in the garbage.
Oct 21, 2016
I would buy again if the connecting screw would work.
The design is great if it were easier to put together, stand straight, and be easier to assemble.
Sep 04, 2016
Awful product
Awful you need to a iron worker to Put together still not able to use not worth even a dollar wish I knew about comments before I ordered
Aug 08, 2016
Works, but use epoxy
Seems to work well--I am hanging the retractable hoses from it and, since they are lighter, do not tax the caddy at all (see photo). However, difficult to assemble--the two connecting pipes that form the backbone of the assembly need to be epoxied together--that single screw is not enough. I also recommend putting a dab of epoxy over all the nut heads once tightened to hold everything fast. Epoxy will lock everything up and be weather-resistant.
Oct 26, 2015
Sep 02, 2015
Hose Caddy
Cheap material, last part of tube you could not attach, bent easily, just not worth even a dollar
Sep 01, 2015
poor quality
Doesn't hold weight of hose and leans forward even without the whole length of hose wrapped on it. My hose stays on ground except for nozzle which hangs on this item
Aug 12, 2015
hose caddy
wow very difficult to assemble would not have purchased if assembly was so difficult did not use put it in ground with hose but very wobbly
Aug 10, 2015
Hose caddy
Was terribly disppointed s i wanted it to mke the yard neater
Aug 07, 2015
lacked parts, screws, washers etc. Took two kits to make one poorly designed tool. poorly designed because "foot" is only about 9 inches deep, does no hold when hose is pulled. Falls over. overall a piece of junk, not worth the cost of returning it to vendor.
Jul 05, 2015
hose holder
great for hose
Jun 10, 2015
Hose caddy
Delivery was fine
Jun 07, 2015
Poorly made!
I thought this would be great for holding my hose & then to carry it with the hose around my garden. That isn't working because when I pick it up it falls apart. The screws don't fit in the holes that are drilled into the poles. At least it does hold the hose by the spicket.
May 27, 2015
Not strong enought
Sorry, it was very weak metal, it wouldn't even hold the flex hose, which is what I bought it for. I threw it in the trash. Not a good product.
Aug 30, 2014
Don't buy this
Two main pieces would not fit together because of rough metal edges and thick coat of paint. I filed the edges until they fit and found the screw holes didn't line up. This caused the horizontal pieces to be on opposite sides of the main column. Some of the screw holes were punched correctly, but some were punched from the wrong side, which made the screws barely long enough to reach through the nuts. Not worth fooling with so I threw it in the trash.
Aug 04, 2014
Cheap and Junky
Very disappointed. Could not use.
Aug 25, 2013
too cheap to work
It wouldn't stand upright when I put the hose on it - not stable at all
Aug 24, 2013
Needs to be stronger,then it would work
It was not very strong, I had a hard time getting it to stand straight in the ground and hold the hose, sorry I could not say something better.
Aug 12, 2013
Poor quality
The quality is very poor- bends easily and the holes did not line up. I'm going to use it, since it would cost to return it. You have to gently push it in the ground, or it will bend or brake! :(
Jul 18, 2013
Very poor design
The holders were easy to put together but they are very unsteady and the spike bent with the weight of the hose. Very poor design.
May 24, 2013
Not the best purchase for the price
Not strong enough to hold the weight of hose.
May 11, 2013
Hose Caddy
Did not go deep enough to be sturdy. Need to be tied to a stake to support weight of hose. Waste of money.
Oct 21, 2011
Wouldn't buy, bent when put in ground.
Came without screws, then bent when I put it in the ground. Someone must have had this and returned it. Wrapped the hose around and the top bar went crooked. Not reliable!
Oct 04, 2011
Sep 01, 2011
Ad is misleading, it does not stake easy
The stake does not support the stand when put into the ground. It needs a stronger stake and one that goes deeper.
Aug 15, 2011
Could be sturdier
It could be where I placed it, but it fell over when the hose was attached. I turned it around so that the arm rested against the house and it was fine. Not the ideal angle, but it will work to keep the hose off of the plants. For the price, it was worth it.
Aug 01, 2011
Waste of Money
Very poor design... will not hold but the smallest of hoses... (maybe 10ft). Very dissappointed in this purchase...I should have paid attention to the previous reviews on this product! Do Not Waste Your Money!
May 30, 2011
Compact & easy to put together.
Concerned about durability of flat piece that hose rests on. Don't think it will last.
Apr 05, 2011
hose caddy
great item for hoses keeps them neet and orderly
Mar 08, 2011
Nice Idea but did not work
Although a nice design it was not durable enough to hold a average durable waterhose. I would put it in the ground and it would fall over. (not because the ground was soft either)
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