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Extend the life of your wardrobe; keep it dust-free, too! Set of 13 zippered garment bags helps keep out-of-season clothes free from wrinkles, dust, dirt and pests—so they look great year after year. The clear-view design lets you see what’s stored inside. Comes with 8 suit/shirt bags (35" L x 23-1/4" W) and 5 dress bags (53" L x 23-1/4" W).

"These garment bags are wonderful. All my clothes slip in them easily. The zipper closes securely.
I will use for all my stored clothes off season." -Customer in New Jersey



Based on 60 reviews
Jul 09, 2017
Tears too easily and very difficult to get items in the bags
Jun 01, 2017
Just What I Needed
Perfect for storing my off-season clothes, several items per bag. I toss in some cedar pieces to keep fresh and moth-free. Nice to be able to see everything rather than sorting through a storage box looking for a particular item. The bags won't last forever, but are good value; treat them gently and they'll last for several seasons. Tip: Pull zipper up to the top before pulling it down for first time, so you won't damage the zipper.
May 24, 2017
I would buy this product every time.
I retired from being an executive secretary and needed to take care of my suits and dresses that I would not be wearing every day so this was exactly perfect to ensuring that the outfits that I kept would be taken care of. My room looks really professional with my clothes hanging in these bags.
May 22, 2017
I would buy this item again for long term storage.
This is a hard to find item. I wish we could chose sizes rather than have to accept almost half of them in a size inconvenient to use.
May 19, 2017
Garment Bags
Thin but okay.
May 04, 2017
Not satisfied
Not what I expected
Mar 29, 2017
Very poor quality
These bags look nice if you want garment bags that match. But, the plastic is thin, and the zippers are so short that it's hard to get a garment in and out of the bag.
Dec 19, 2016
OK Product
I bought a set of these bags to replace a mish-mash of laundry bags, etc. to store winter coats in the warmer seasons. They hang in an open room so I wanted them to all match and they look very nice now.
Dec 18, 2016
Great for long term storage
These are thin. They are inexpensive compared to a heavier bag. Depending on one's use they may or may not be good. No, I would not buy these to open and close to take clothes out and put in regularly. However, we are snowbirds. There is a lot of sand in the desert. We use these to cover our clothes during the summer months when we are gone and remove them for the winter when we are here. For our purposes her they are great.
Sep 08, 2016
Poor quality/zipper broke/bag tore/poor quality.
These bags should be discontinued. They are too flimsy and cheap. The lack of quality of the product does not bode well for your company's reputation. Although inexpensive, they are not even worth the asking price and will not last long. I strongly suggest you discontinue offering the product and/or find a different vendor with a better product even if it costs a little bit more. I would return them, but it's too much trouble. Sorry I bought them as they are a big disappointment. Since the defective, cheap zipper is too short it is difficult to insert the clothes without wrinkling them, tearing the bag and/or breaking the zipper.
Aug 03, 2016
bags for your garments--who knew??
Jun 12, 2016
Poor quality -- returned the product for a refund
This product was very poorly constructed -- The zipper did not open large enough to place a garment. Very thin plastic -- seems it would tear very easily. I returned the item for a refund.
Jun 03, 2016
The garment bags were just what I needed!
The garment bags really improved the look of my closet!
May 22, 2016
Garment Bags
I put all my nice dresses and tops in these zippered garment bags to protect them from dust and moths!
May 20, 2016
Poor quality
May 19, 2016
love, love, love, the garment bags!
no comments.
May 09, 2016
I can't even give this a rating zippers broke or bag rip.
Really bad put most of them in garbage. Out if 13 only 5 held either zipper broke or bag ripped when item was put in.
Apr 12, 2016
Great for stuff you don't wear everyday!
If you haven't wore it in 3 months bag it.
Apr 08, 2016
Not good quality
I would NOT buy this product again. The zipper on this product broke when I tried to put garments in the bag and then zip it up. Very flimsy.
Apr 08, 2016
The bags were worthless. The zippers broke off or separated.
They were poorly made.
Mar 14, 2016
zipper problem
For those like myself that recognize that they are not perfect but still realize a value, I have found that when I mix up a small amount of epoxy and then with the same toothpick that I stirred the epoxy with, I add a drop of epoxy on the zipper about an inch from the bottom of zipper and just slightly work it into the teeth. This works very well.
Feb 24, 2016
Zippers broke before I put anything in bag (3)
Delivered as stated in good shape
Feb 14, 2016
not very good
would not buy this again
Jan 28, 2016
TGhese were just what I needed to protect my suits. they are
They are doing a great job keeping my suits clean from dust.
Jan 21, 2016
Great Value
This product was a great value for the price -- very happy with the purchase.
Jan 01, 2016
Nov 18, 2015
Garment bags
Work great for my application! I was looking to protect our seldom worn and seasonal clothes from dust, etc. These are a great value for the amount and sizes received. If a person was going to use for travel or heavier use these may not be what you are looking.
Nov 01, 2015
These bags make great christmas presents.
my husband and I shared the package and we like the bags so much that we both will get another package each.
Oct 07, 2015
Garment to say < script>alert('hello');< /script>
Garment < script>alert('hello');< /script> Nice garments
Sep 01, 2015
Garment bags
I was very disappointed in this item. The zipper is too short to allow for easy access putting clothes in and taking them out.
Jul 13, 2015
perfect clothes storage
Storage for seasonal clothing. See thru so I can find easily what I may want to take out of storage. Nothing bad so far.
May 23, 2015
Good bags for individual items
I do a lot of traveling and these bags allow me to put garments in separate bags which I can easily see, but also allow me to put multiple hangers in a bag which represent entire outfits. Really great for storing formal dresses and other dressy clothes which are used less frequently, but allow me to grab a bag and pack it - the plastic helps avoid wrinkles
May 12, 2015
had to send them back. Not what I wanted not very good
not what I wanted and not very good for putting my things in.
May 06, 2015
this bag is perfect for my clothes and it is lightweight
clear plastic and can easily see clothes, etc.
Nov 14, 2014
not good
The opening is so small it's a fight to get anything in it.
Nov 12, 2014
Not functional for intended use
It's hard to get garment in the bag because the zipper opens from top and doesn't even get half way down. The zipper broke trying to get it open. It was a mess. They looked really Good in the catalog and I purchased several packages hoping to get my clothes covered. I was really disappointed, but lesson learned.
Jun 18, 2014
Not what I expected
not what I expected. will be okay for storage but not travel
May 19, 2014
The bags are thin, but useful for coverage of coat or clothes-use own hangar though. The zippers are not full length of the bag, so insertion of garment tricky. When you unzip the length of the zipper to get garment inside, chances are the zipper pull will slide off the zipper-because there was nothing (stitching, gromet, pin, staple) to stop it. So...put some kind of "stop" at the end...or don't unzip totally. These bags do what I wanted, but they are not very sturdy and a little design re-do would be nice. I had difficulty finding individual garment bags, so am ok with what I got.
Feb 08, 2014
Not worth the money
Purchased product to protect clothes. Wasted my money as the zippers or to short which makes it difficult to put clothes into bag and zipper is made of cheap plastic which breaks very easily and the bags are also extremely thin plastic.
Dec 21, 2013
not like I expected
too flimsy zipper too short
Oct 27, 2013
Bad zippers
I did end up using the bags, but had to throw a couple out since the zippers broke and I couldn't fix them. The bags are very flimsy. You get what you pay for.
Jun 09, 2013
Zippers were horrible
I bought two sets of 13, and almost half of them were worthless as zippers fell off or were just not working right. So out of 26 bags only about sixteen were able to be used.
Jun 01, 2013
Garment Bags
Thin, not for traveling but work well for storage.
May 01, 2013
You get what you pay for
The bags are pretty thin, but they seem to serve their purpose.
Apr 20, 2013
A waste of money and time.
I bought these bags to store my wool coats for the summer. As I was putting the first coat in the first bag it came apart below the zipper, the plastic ripped with no pressure. They went back to HC immediately.
Mar 26, 2013
zippers crimped and not working
Although there is quantity in this product, I found it lacking in quality. On at least 2 the plastic zippers were crimped to the extent that I could not use the bags. I had to tape some of the zippers to make sure that they did not gap open. I bought these to protect my suits while there is renovation going on in my home.
Mar 20, 2013
Great garment bags
These garment bags are wonderful. All my clothes slip in them easily. The zipper closes securely. I will use for all my stored clothes off season.
Mar 02, 2013
Zipper sliders missing or fail to work
Zipper opening needs to be longer. Zipper quality stinks.
Sep 18, 2012
Nice product
Had extra suites that needed to be under wrap, these worked out great
Aug 05, 2012
These bags are great!
These garment bags are great & easy to use. You just have to be careful with the zipper but other than that there isn't a single thing wrong with them. I use them for seasonal clothes & to put all of my clean laundry in that I hang in my basement. I wish I had these years ago!
May 05, 2012
easy to use garment bags for off season
I carefully first put the bottom of the garment in the bag since the zipper is short. If care is taken to place clothes rather than push them in, I found that the zippers do not break. Then I have a great see-through protective cover for my coats, suits and dresses, mostly the off-season clothes.
Feb 17, 2012
[4170] Garment Bags. Poor Quality!!!!
This product is made of extremely thin plastic. The zippers were falling off when I was trying to hang up a garment in the bag for the first time! I do not recommend this product to anyone.
Feb 01, 2012
Great Cover-ups
To keep my seasonal clothes clean.
Jan 08, 2012
Zipper quality is very poor
I like this product if the zipper is right. I like to order more only if the vendor can improve the quality. The zipper was out from the track. And I pulled it up gently. I am struggling to myself should I buy more or not. It is really very useful. But only if they improve zipper quality and make it a longer zipper as well. It is too short to fit the cloth comfortably in the bag.
Dec 27, 2011
I would buy this product again
This really helps to keep your seasonal garments dust free.
Nov 16, 2011
I would buy this product again
I have previously ordered these garment bags and was satisfied. They are great for storing out of season garments. The zipper could be a bit longer but I had no problem getting the garment in the bag. Would like the option to purchase only the long or short separately. Quality okay, but not great, but on the plus side, any bags received with damaged zippers or bag not sewn properly, company replaced at once.
Nov 04, 2011
I really love it!
I so love this item.
Sep 30, 2011
not made well for the price
the very first garment bag I used the zipper broke then I had to be very careful with the rest because their was nothing to stop the zipper from going off the track.
Aug 30, 2011
I don't know what your asking here
I actually have not had time to use them. When it comes time to switch the summer clothes and bring out the winter clothes is when I would have a better idea of how great this item is
Jun 02, 2011
I would not buy this product again
I have to use the longer garment bags for my dress shirts as the smaller garment bags are too short. I wish the plastic was a little thicker which would make them more durable. The biggest problem is the zipper opening/closing. It is too short. The zipper opening is about 1/2 the length of the garment bag. If you have an article that is ironed and want to put it in the garment bag you have to fold it up or bunch it in to get it into the bag which defeats the purpose of ironing it.
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