Tornado Can Opener (C6302)

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TORNADO CAN OPENER NEEDS NO HANDS! Just place it on any small or large size can, press the button, and the opener will “travel” around the lid all by itself, cutting neatly and smoothly as it goes. No sharp or jagged edges remain, as the precision opener cuts under the rim of the lid, not through the top. Stores easily in a drawer. Uses 4 AA batteries (not incl.). 6-1/2" L.

"Have owned all kinds of mechanical and electrical can openers. This is the best one yet. So easy to use and it works wonderfully." -Customer in Connecticut


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Jun 16, 2017
Not worth the cost
Bought because our old electric can opener died after 20 years. This one was hard to get seated correctly and it actually fell apart during the first use. Sending back for refund
May 20, 2017
Great product!!!
This opener beats all openers!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!
Apr 28, 2016
it cuts the top of can but does not lift the lid off
magnet does not take hold of cover. cuts the lid too high on the can- it is on the seam of can, always have to use a knife to remove the cover!
Apr 07, 2016
I put batteries in, placed it on a can, hit the button and it just sat in one place running. It bent the can edge a little, but it never cut the can. Not good! The sad part, I threw all packaging and shipping information away...... I didn't think you could get this wrong.
Apr 02, 2016
Best product I have ever used.
This product has made my life a little easier. I have chronic Arthritis.
Mar 09, 2016
No sharp edges!
I love the fact that it opens the cans by itself and there are not sharp edges to get cut on.
Feb 21, 2016
does not work well
It takes several batteries to use and they run down fast. It it hard to get it to hook on the can and get started cutting. Then it has to make two or three rounds to cut the lid off the can. Not worth the cost. Going to look for hand opener.
Feb 17, 2016
Talk about a slick operation! This opener beats all others.
opener arrived in ready-to-use function and lived up to your directions and instructions. great product!
Feb 04, 2016
just a piece of junk
It does not cut , just dents the can lid. I have returned it and are waiting for a full refund
Jan 26, 2016
Like It
I like this product. Had a problem learning to get the hang of it but once I figured it out I really like it. It is also easy to store.
Dec 30, 2015
Fits in a kitchen drawer...saves ounter space.
I alredy have a Tornado Can Opener. I only have use of my left arm. I can now safely open all sizes of cans...especially the smallest cans of tuna..with now mess. Purchased one for my sister this year as a Christmas gift. Love the smoothness of the can lid and metal parts sticking up. All great.
Dec 25, 2015
i can not open a can with this product.
I am unable to open a can with the tornado can opener. do I need to buy heavy duty batteries? it grabs the can but will not start and continue to cut around the can.
Dec 10, 2015
Nov 30, 2015
Too much whiz and not enough bang
Worked only a short time and then wouldn't cut the can. Push the button and it would make a little noise then stop and push again and a little noise but it wouldn't go around. Tried other cans and the same thing.
Nov 29, 2015
Very Good!!!
Great for arthritis hands!
Oct 21, 2015
I'd buy this product again
My mom uses it all the time, it is great and make it much easier to open cans now that her hands are more weak.
Oct 19, 2015
We Love The Opener
Personal use
Sep 29, 2015
Super Power
This can opener is great for small, medium and large cans. No holding down. Doesn't take up counter space.
Sep 15, 2015
Didn't work
I was totally frustrated with this product. Despite using brand new batteries, inserted correctly, it would not open any can.
Aug 17, 2015
Tornado Can Opener will not work.
The can opener Tornado will not work. I place it correct on the cans, push the button, it will start running then it immediately stops and starts running backwards and stops. The opener will not keep running in the same direct that it starts. It is frustrating, I have tried too many times and I can not keep wasting time to have it do the same thing every time, therefore, I will be returning it back to you.
Aug 17, 2015
Not happy with item
Have bought items from Harriet Carter for years and have been happy with them. This item I was not. Not strong enough to open cans, does not clean easy.
Jun 30, 2015
Been looking for this item
Been looking for this item along time.Great for opening a can without sharp edges.
Jun 18, 2015
Tornado Can Opener
Works great
Jun 01, 2015
opener is blissful
introduced many years ago ~ finally own one..yay
Jan 02, 2015
can opener
does not have the power that older models had. it takes to long to open cans
Dec 10, 2014
piece of junk
Piece of junk was very dissappointed had one before was great used for years........
Dec 06, 2014
Can Opener?
Even with new batteries operates very slow. Also it is hard to find the right way to latch it to the can. I just through it away. My manual can opener is faster.
Nov 24, 2014
Does not work
This is a can opener run on batteries. It does not work.
Nov 06, 2014
Oct 29, 2014
Works Effortlessly
I've been having problems finding one, as I used to have one for years. So, thanks for carrying this product.
Sep 09, 2014
Did not work well - will be returning
Can opener open first can very good. From then on had to take batteries out of it to get it to stop running. Stuck on can and had to open can from bottom with another can opener. Very disappointed in this, thought I had found the perfect can opener for crippled hands.
May 01, 2014
Did not work well...returning
Very cheeply made... kept going around and around. Had to take the batteries out to stop. Would not release the lid. Very upset this did not work for $20 plus shipping... Hesitant now to order again.... Returning can opener
Mar 29, 2014
This device makes cooking easier.
This opener is easy on the hands. Although a bit slow, I can be doing something else for the amount of time it takes to travel the complete circumference of the can. So glad I bought it!
Mar 01, 2014
pleasantly surprised
I have Parkinsons's and this is by far the first can opener I have been able to use. I don't mind that it is a little slow but does the job. I have no trouble with batteries and expect to change them often. no problem. I am unexpectedly pleased.
Feb 20, 2014
Good until the battery goes dead
Works well until the battery goes dead, then it is a major struggle to pry it off of the can. Poor design as all batteries will die and it should have been designed with that is mind.
Feb 15, 2014
Overall I was pleased with this product. It does what its supposed to do. Its just hard to get it off the can when its done cutting the can. The top part of the opener tends to slide off when trying to remove the opener from the can as well, which is slightly annoying. Otherwise its a good product.
Jan 11, 2014
would buy this product time & time again
i am a stroke victume & no use of left hand. this type opener is very easy for me to use. as far as batteries, have found even new batteries are no good. have tried new ones just opened ones,in lights& they will not work. no telling how long they have been on shelf in store. can not find date on packageing. bought all different brands in all type stores. just my opinion.
Jan 02, 2014
Why i returned it
I have used this type of opener before and loved it. This one, not so much. I peeled away the paper to help it, but it kept getting stuck on the rim. I have returned it,
Dec 04, 2013
love it!
I love my little can opener! When I make homemade chilie I have several cans that have to be opened, it might be 5 or 6 at a time but it does the job, it might be a little slow but it beats all the others I've had! I take it with me on my vacations! I recommend this for everyone! Now my mother and sister both have one and I am buying some more for gifts! You just have to be patient and learn how to use it right!
Nov 02, 2013
Takes a long time to go around the can
Oct 30, 2013
Have been able to open only one can.
Can't get it to grab the edge. Have been able to open one can. Would send back but threw away packaging.
Sep 01, 2013
Have owned all kinds of mechanical and electrical can openers. This is the best one yet. So easy to use and it works wonderfully.
Aug 20, 2013
best little thing I ever bought
great,haven't had any problems with it.
Aug 11, 2013
FAntasticGreat for anyone with Arthritis
My sister has limited use of her fingers due to severe Arthritis.This was a gift for her so she could open cans easily.We didn't find anything wrong with this product.
Aug 09, 2013
too little power
This product did not work as advertised. As a matter of fact,it did not work at all! I tried to open a can of tomatoes and it didn't even travel an inch. I tried repositioning it on the can with the same lack of results. I will be returning it.
Aug 04, 2013
More like Tor-nada. It is rather slow
The tornado is very slow and weak. It needs to go around two times and the fresh batteries I put in it sound tired.
Jul 29, 2013
Tornado - Not a good product name.
This opener has very little power and takes a long time to open the can... It almost sounded like it was going to stop working as if its battery was low. The batteries I put in it were brand new so I know that was not the problem. Tornado is not a good name for this product as it does not have the power of a tornado...
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