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Eyeglass holders treat spectacles like royalty! Super-soft plush lining guards against scratches, dirt and breakage. Plus you’ll always know where your glasses are when placed in the attractive tapestry or black leather-look caddy. Large enough to keep even oversized eyeglasses safe, snug and within easy reach for reading or working. 4-3/4" H.

"I purchased two. One for each end of the house. I was always laying my glasses down and had to hunt and hunt to find them. Now, I have a holder within a few steps of each end of the house. I make myself use them.... wal-laa NO MORE HUNTING!  The holder is fairly attractive and one of the best things I have ever purchased for myself."  - Customer in AK


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May 20, 2017
I plainly love them...wish there'd be more colors/pattern t!
I plainly love them...wish there'd be more colors/pattern t!
Apr 16, 2017
Would buy again
I have had mine for quite a few years. Still OK. use it by my bed...
Mar 17, 2017
I purchased the zebra one for my home office. My glasses were everywhere never couldn't find them when I needed them. Match my office decorations, Looks hot, I put it on the right hand corner and I don't even have too look to to find them. Recommen it!!! Price ??? Absolutely nice!!!
Mar 04, 2017
Attractive holder for my glasses
Much easier to use and prettier than the old black zip up case that I was using. I have very little grip left in my hands, this is very easy to get my glasses out of in the mornings. I wear oversize glasses.... they JUST fit. So.. won't slip out if I accidentally drop it. Very good product at a reasonable cost.
Feb 16, 2017
Fancy eye glass case
I love my case for my glasses. I can find them easily and they are well protected.
Jan 12, 2017
Eyeglass holder
This eyeglass holder protects your glasses, makes it easy to find your glasses, it is cheap enough to have one in many rooms. I have had them for years. The recent purchase was for my husband - he uses it every day.
Jan 08, 2017
Very Practical
Very pretty & useful. I always know where they are now. I ordered 2. One for my husband and myself. We have them on our night table in the bedroom. Going to order 2 more for the living room.
Jan 01, 2017
I recommend this to everyone that wears glasses .
I bought both designs one for me and my husband. They make it very convenient for our eye glasses , keeps them from getting scratches on the lenses and easier to find.
Dec 14, 2016
A great place for my glasses!
I needed a safe place for my glasses and where I will not lose them as I tend to do.
Oct 27, 2016
Good looking and practical item
I bought two of these handy eyeglass holders-one for my husband and one for me. No more worries about scratched or lost glasses with these holders. The soft interior keeps our glasses scratch free and the ease of just popping our eyeglasses in the case makes this item a winner. I may purchase more for other rooms in the house!
Sep 25, 2016
Excellent protection for your glasses
I like these very much. I've had a couple for many years and decided it was time for new ones. They are so helpful and very cute and easy to take with you from room to room. But - I would mainly buy the black leather one, because it is a bit heavier and therefore more sturdy than the printed ones. I'm a bit concerned I might knock the lighter ones over when I reach for them.
Sep 15, 2016
NO MORE: Now where are my glasses?
My husband has two in the garage: one for his reading glasses and one for sunglasses or eye protective glasses. There are two in the house: one on the kitchen table and one on my husband's chest of drawers.
Aug 27, 2016
The holder solved my problem of finding my glasses!
I placed this product in our family/TV room. I'm always looking for my glasses for reading or watching TV. Your product solved my problem as I only have to look in one place to find my glasses!
Jul 27, 2016
I have two of these
I like this glasses holder, I've been wearing glasses for 50 years and this is the way to go when taking off your glasses to go to bed. They stay where I put them and they are in the same place in the morning and it doesn't matter what the cat does. I have two, one in the master bedroom and one in the extra bedroom.
Jul 16, 2016
Eye glass holders
These are great. I have one in every room of the house, literally. I keep one next to my computer as well. I have also used them as gifts for friends. Each friend that has received one has liked it. They never thought of getting something like this, and find them practical. They always ask where did I get them and say they will get more in the future. You'd be surprised how many people STILL use glasses! So this are a great blessing.You may consider other designs, but still keep the Tapestry design. The other two designs, to me, do not look very professional. The Tapestry design does looks very professional and attractive. I buy the Tapestry design. Thank you so much for this great product. I will continue buying these in the future.
Jul 03, 2016
Very nicely assembled, leaves a pleasant vision.
I leave one in the bedroom & 1 in the family room. I am never trying to locate my glasses.
May 18, 2016
While the product is attractive; it is suppose to hold the glasses inside. The product should be taller; only half of the glasses are protected.
Apr 13, 2016
Great product. I would recommend this to others.
Since I wear my glasses only for reading and close-up work, I always know where they are. No searching!
Apr 07, 2016
So far very good buy
I needed somewhere handy to store my reading glasses and this is perfect. Keeps them from getting scratched up.
Mar 18, 2016
No more scratched glasses!
I bought a couple of these and will buy a couple more. I used to take my glasses off and set them on my desk/vanity/nightstand and usually knock them off onto the floor! This, many times, resulted in scratched or damaged glasses. No more! Now they stay safe and the soft lining keeps my glasses scratch free.
Mar 16, 2016
We like these very much,as we can find our glasses.
They are nice to use and pretty to look.
Mar 06, 2016
I really like the Eyeglass holder its perfect
This product is the best thing for holing and protecting your eyeglasses. The inner lining is soft and great protection. It's all good.
Feb 25, 2016
Good choice
Looks really nice. Love having a set place to keep my glasses.
Feb 11, 2016
Great product
The eye glass holder was a very great product. It is well made. It is very easy for me to keep up with my glasses. As long as I use the glass holder I do not have to worry about misplacing my glasses again.
Jan 28, 2016
Love them
Easy to find glasses now..saves on scratched lens, pretty tapestry and MY husband loves his leather look one. Would tell my friends about. A++++
Jan 23, 2016
Great gift idea
I bought one one for my bedroom n was so impressed with the quality of the eyeglass holder at such a great price. It's so classy looking.My husband was impressed too so I bought him one for the living room n one for his office. Blends in well with our decor. Bought 2 more for my inlaws as Christmas gifts too
Jan 20, 2016
Saw it at a friends.
Jan 08, 2016
Very attractive and useful. One broke immediately.
I've had some of these over the rears and find them unique, useful and attractive. I bought three this year as gifts, but one came unglued, and the base fell off. I reglued it with superglue and kept all three I would buy these again, but only if I had superglue available! They are shoddily constructed but in ordinary circumstances very attractive and useful. They are also very hard to find and would be better still if offered in more designs and/or colors
Jan 04, 2016
There they are!
I bought two of these eyeglass cases. They are attractive on my night stand and I can always find my glasses now. They are also great for using as tv remote holders for a couch side table or coffee table.
Jan 02, 2016
Handy Helpers
Gave it as a gift, she loved it.
Dec 30, 2015
Looks very nice and holds my glasses very well.
They serve their purpose to keep glasses safe until I need them.
Dec 28, 2015
friends love these
I gave one of these for a xmas present at year. My there friend said if you have me the year for telling XMAS exchange I would like the eye glass holder. So this is why I have now given them to 2 different friends a total of 3. Yes the friend last year wanted an extra one for er 5th wheel. I think it is time I get myself one.. lol You can not go wrong buying this
Dec 26, 2015
Best gift
I gave a dozen of these as xmas gifts this year & everyone loved them. My husband and I use them at home & think they are great!
Dec 26, 2015
Serves its purpose
I put one in my bathroom and one in my bedroom.
Dec 21, 2015
very sturdy and attractive.
Great product. Sturdy and attractive and very inexpensive.
Dec 17, 2015
Great eye glass holder
I have given this now to 2 different people for Xmas. One of my friends asked me to get her a second one for there 5th wheel. So now that she is happy to not have to take it with her when they go camping .. Made a very happy camper... Need to order one for myself next.
Dec 11, 2015
I would definitely recommend this product
I bought the tapestry eyeglass holder for myself and really like the product as it protects your glasses & looks good at the same time - this purchase was for a gift for someone at work to protect their glasses as they don't wear them all the time.
Dec 09, 2015
Great eyeglass holder, perfect for my husbands needs. Good,
To hold my husbands eyeglasses near him, so he won't lose them. I think the design of it is really great. I have nothing negative to say about it.
Nov 28, 2015
No more knocking my eyeglasses off the night table. I also keep one next to the recliner where I read a lot. Very attractive and stable. Stands upright and is not easily knocked over.
Nov 22, 2015
Really high quality and a perfect gift for eyeglass wearers.
got these glass holders for lots of friends and several nursing home and assisted living homes.
Nov 18, 2015
I love this product which I had brought (2)
I used this product, so I wouldn't have to keep opening my eye glass case
Nov 17, 2015
I will buy this product again for gift giving
Always misplacing my glasses. Helps to have this sitting on my night stand so I always know where they are. Pretty to look at and am buying another one for my desk and perhaps several more of different style for gifts.
Nov 17, 2015
Absolutely perfect, I love it.
I can keep my eyeglasses safe and protected yet easy to access.
Oct 23, 2015
I have 3 of them.
Keeps reading glasses handy.
Oct 22, 2015
I would buy this product again
I use this product every night before I go to sleep. My husband liked it so much that asked me to buy him one for his office.
Oct 19, 2015
love the eyeglass holder
Received at the post office no problems
Sep 18, 2015
Great Product and does the job
Best Gifts and most practical product for eyeglass wearers.
Aug 20, 2015
I love knowing where my glasses are.
I bought two eyeglass holders.....one for my bedroom and one for the den. No more searching for my glasses because I could not remember where I put them. I like the tapersty one best because it is prettier.
Aug 15, 2015
Nifty product
Able to keep my reading glasses handy in a protective product that looks good.
Jul 07, 2015
Bought for daughter.
Got two previously for spouse (bedroom and office). He liked his so well he had me order one for our daughter as a Christmas gift.
Jun 21, 2015
Spouse asked for 2.
Spouse loves that he doesn't have to hunt for his glasses. Asked for a second to store his computer glasses in the office.
Jun 13, 2015
Very Handy and good looking
This is the second time I have purchased this item. I got so much good use the first time I ordered a second set. I use for pens/pencils, scissors, credit cards, etc. A very useful product
May 25, 2015
attractive, useful
May 24, 2015
Wonderful Purchase
I purchased three of these. I just couldn't be happier with them. I now have a very good place to store my glasses (three separate rooms). I was always setting my glasses down where they could get broken. I don't have that problem any more. I highly recommend this product.
May 22, 2015
it does the job I bought it for
It looks good and is functional in way I need it to be.
May 21, 2015
great product
got one for mom and wife they love it too
May 21, 2015
I use the I glasses holder to keep my glasses in place the holder is very nice leather I was impress. I did not find anything Wrong
May 20, 2015
Find glasses
I never lose my glasses anymore
May 20, 2015
Great for forgetfullness
After my stroke, my memory is very bad indeed! Now I know exactly where I can always find my glasses!
May 15, 2015
Great Holder
I love this product. I'm always putting my glasses down and then cant find them. I use this all the time now and know where my glasses are
May 12, 2015
Handy and attractive
These are the perfect solution for where to park my glasses when I take them off at home, for sleeping or reading. I never liked having to put them back in the case, which I prefer just to use for longer storage. I keep one by my bed and one by the recliner. I like the nice soft interior, that doesn't scratch my glases. Also, they take up less room than a case, since I can store the glasses upright.
May 04, 2015
Handy Dandy
Perfect holder for my glasses, now I always know where they are. They are less likely to get scratched in the holder.
Apr 27, 2015
I love it
Hold my grass
Apr 25, 2015
Stop scratching your glasses
I must wear safety glasses at work. I would lay my eyeglasses on my desk as I wear my safety glasses for the day. My eyeglasses would get covered and or scratched. The eyeglass holder keeps them safe and away from any hazards. It's also a spot where I can remember where my glasses are when its time to go home.
Mar 16, 2015
Love these
Bought two of these one for myself and one for my daughter. We both love them and keep our glasses where we can find them quickly.
Mar 08, 2015
Purchased eye glass holders before.
good concept
Mar 06, 2015
Work great
Do a great job of holding glasses while protecting them from scratches.
Jan 12, 2015
i wish i had thought of this!
I love that my glasses are handy and yet safe from the lenses being scratched thanks to the soft lining!
Jan 06, 2015
Love it.
Was always misplacing my glasses, now I know where they are.
Dec 30, 2014
Great for your glases
Great place to store your glasses when you're not wearing them....
Dec 27, 2014
Holder is great. Easy access to glasses.
Fast delivery
Dec 25, 2014
wonderful table piece
I bought this gift for a present for my mom. She absolutely loves it
Dec 21, 2014
Convenient and handy
I keep this item on the windowsill in my bathroom and it's roomy enough to fit 2 pairs of glasses. I plan to get another for my desk at home and one for my desk at work. It protects your glasses from damage or being scratched.
Dec 20, 2014
bought 4
Great for finding your glasses in different rooms. Now I place my glasses in the holders and only need to look once to find them. The holder protects them from breaking by laying something on top of them them or sitting on them by mistake. Husband likes his leather one too but I really like how the tapestry blends in with my furniture.
Dec 08, 2014
Exactly what I was looking for!
I was looking for something to put my glasses in at night on my nightstand instead of throwing them just anywhere, this was the perfect solution, love it!
Dec 08, 2014
Excellent Product
Excellent product for holding glasses not in use.
Dec 07, 2014
Eyeglass Holders
I use it to keep my computer glasses near my computer and not have to worry about them getting damaged while not in use. Handier than a regular glasses case.
Dec 03, 2014
glases holder
Now I know where my glasses all the time and they won't get sratched
Nov 29, 2014
Love it!
I really like this, it's quite handy and I will order more to use around the house.
Nov 16, 2014
I bought one (black) as a gift for my husband and one (tapestry) for myself. We keep these in the computer room and bedroom. I'm going to order the zebra one (for my husband) as an extra because he still lays his glasses everywhere else where we don't have these. Order these, you won't be disappointed.
Nov 14, 2014
This is my third eyeglass holder
Great way to have glasses handy when you need them. They take up very little space.
Nov 14, 2014
I'm going to buy a couple more for myself and a few, as gifts!
Nov 11, 2014
Saves your eyeglasses
These are great for protecting your eyeglasses. I already have two, and just ordered two more.
Aug 03, 2014
As advertised
Good product.
Jun 26, 2014
Wish I had bought them sooner
I have to change glasses when I use the computer so I bought one to have nearby. Also one for my bedside table as my glasses were always getting knocked off onto the floor.
Jun 20, 2014
Finely found them
Bought some years ago and wanted to replace and give as gifts. Finally found them.
Jun 20, 2014
Found 'em
Had been promising my granddaughter one of these to use at home on her bed table for several years. I was so happy you had these in last catalog. This was her birthday gift. Thank you.
Jun 11, 2014
eyeglass holder
I use it on my bedside table and it keeps them safe.
May 13, 2014
Eyeglass holder
She really likes it.
Mar 21, 2014
Very Handy
I bought this for my husband because he takes his glasses on & off numerous times a day. This is much safer then sitting on a table. Plus it keeps them cleaner, too. Very Handy.
Mar 21, 2014
Bought two and love them both.
Keeps my glasses much safer than just laying them on the bedside table. Very attractive design. I bought two and love them both. Excellent value for the price.
Mar 17, 2014
Like this product
Like this product. Now have two for different areas of house
Mar 05, 2014
I know where my glasses are, NOW. They stay clean and I know where they are at. I even bought one for my husband (the black one)for his use at night and he has it nailed above his bed. He knows where his glasses are at night. Good for both of us.
Mar 01, 2014
I have a cat! She is always knocking my
She is always knocking my glasses off the night stand and since I am blind and they are wire rimmed I was afraid of stepping on them before I found them. This gadget fixed the problem. I bought 2 and put one by the computer as I have 'computer' glasses for Nenya (the cat) to knock about. Thanks Harriet Carter!
Feb 17, 2014
I bought one for my office and one for my home. I love knowing my glasses are always in the same place and protected.
Feb 14, 2014
Eyeglass holder
This is not only great for my eyeglasses, but it is also good for holding my phone.
Feb 13, 2014
Great Product
Great design, being soft and protective for glass rest. Easy to find because they're always in the same spot. Looks nice. Happy I purchased- I should get one for every room, even outside would be a nice place to have this when I occasionally remove my glasses then can't see good enough to find them.
Feb 08, 2014
Great item
I will be ordering more of these for other rooms in my home. Great design and very useful.
Feb 06, 2014
This is a must-have product!
I initially ordered 3 of these and will order 3 more today. My plan is to have one in every room, even the laundry room for those hard-to-read labels on clothing. As long as you remember to put your glasses back in them, you'll never be searching everywhere for them. Great product!!
Jan 26, 2014
Superior Product
Love them
Jan 20, 2014
I bought this product twice
I liked this product so much I bought more. I now have them everywhere I need reading glasses. It is simple, non-obtrusive, and easy to use.
Jan 18, 2014
Love em!!
I love these glass holders and they go well with my zebra design, keeps them real handy and one in each room with glasses in them.
Jan 05, 2014
neat product, soft and fuzzy
Bought this product to help keep up with my glasses. Keeps them from getting scratched, always know where they are. Love it!
Jan 05, 2014
Easy Locate
My mother loved it. Now she can easily remove her glasses putting them in a secure area as she navigates through the house focusing on something else and then come back to a non-scratched pair of glasses.
Jan 04, 2014
Lightweight but made well. Perfect on the nightstand to hold glasses until morning. Good value for the money.
Jan 01, 2014
Handy for protection of my eyeglasses
It is most useful for the protection of the lenses from scratches, and also for knowing where the glasses are located. I have not found any negative problems to report.
Dec 27, 2013
looks great
Now my husband can find his glasses
Dec 21, 2013
Eyeglass holder
I bought two holders, one each for my husband and myself to help us keep track of our glasses in the living room and to prevent loosing them around the house. I think I will get two more for another room as they are very useful. They keep your glasses handy, safe and clean.
Dec 16, 2013
No more lost glasses!
Bought 2 of these for my 91-year-old mom - one for her nightstand, and one for the shelf over the kitchen sink. Now she has a specific place to put her glasses in the rooms she uses most, and can always find them when she wants them. Her bifocals and reading glasses ( on chains) fit into both the tapestry and black stands easily.
Nov 25, 2013
Great Price for Nice Item!
I was thrilled to get such a good price on this eyeglass holder. As were some I purchased in the past, they have attractive designs and are very practical to keep glasses safe and handy.
Nov 05, 2013
Does what it is designed to do.
I have only one complaint about this product and it is that the glasses come out smeared and need to be wiped before you can use them. I used to just throw my glasses on my desk top and put on my computer glasses (that rested on the desk top). Now I'm not worried about knocking them over and breaking either pair. I just wish the manufacturer would have picked a different material for the lining of the holder.
Oct 02, 2013
Keeps my glasses safe and out of the way.
Sep 21, 2013
Love It!
I have it on my table where I read and watch Tv. Now I don't have to hunt for my glasses when I take them off.
Sep 09, 2013
I would buy these again
Great for storing glasses on nightstand at night. Handy if you need to wear glasses as soon as you get up. Holders lined with sheepskin which is very protective. I am very happy with the purchase. Got the leather look for my husband and the tapestry for myself.
Aug 29, 2013
I have bought this again and again
I have 4 of these in my house right now and have gotten them as gifts for people also. Nothing worse than not being able to see. These holders are a life saver
Aug 20, 2013
I love it!
I now know where my glasses are in the morning!
Aug 10, 2013
Very Happy
Product was as described, It's nice looking, works well, keeps glasses clean and safe.
Jul 25, 2013
eye glasses holders
I bought 2 leathers for my Father and 2 tapestries for myself. The tapestry style is much better quality. However, they both suit their purpose quite nicely and look attractive. I also use mine for a portable phone stand at my computer desk when I am working and using the speaker phone, as the base is in another room.
Jun 25, 2013
Good Looking and Convenient
Very nice item, creates a safe place to store my glasses at night. I suppose the base could be a little bigger/sturdier as it's just stiff cardboard, but I've had no problems and I like it very much.
Jun 17, 2013
eye glasses holder
I like the eye glasses holder. It is convenient at home and my husband and I likes it. I regretted buying the black leathery design. My husband likes the Zebra design better. The picture was not displayed that it did not give me the image. The black leathery design was not sealed in plastic not like the other 3 that I bought with tapestry and zebra design.
Jun 07, 2013
Very useful!
So useful I am getting one for my bed side table!
May 17, 2013
These are fantastic. Bought one each for my mom and dad, and they haven't misplaced their glasses since!!! Highly recommend.
May 08, 2013
i ordered two of the tapestry and I love them.They are perfect for a place to store my glasses. I have one at the computer and the other in the living room for my TV glasses. thank you for your prompt delivery.
May 07, 2013
Wish I would have ordered long ago!
This container makes it easier to find my glasses, love it!
Apr 20, 2013
His & Hers
I purchased one for my husband and one for myself. He uses his everyday beside his TV chair and can always find his reading glasses now. I wear my glasses all day and when I go to bed I place them in my holder so I know where they are when I get up in the morning. Very convenient for both of us now.
Apr 20, 2013
Nice product
I purchased one for my husband and one for myself. He keeps his beside his TV chair for his reading glasses so he always can find them. I wear my glasses all day and when I go to bed I put them in my holder and know exactly where to find them in the morning, Very convenient now.
Apr 06, 2013
I have purchased many of these now.
I originally ordered 3 of these for myself to put in the den, bedroom, and kitchen. My cousin came to visit and fell in love with it and asked if she could take one of them home with her. I gave it to her and after a few friends and family members saw this they all wanted one. I ordered and received four more and will be ordering even more later on to give as extra little Christmas gifts. I always know where my glasses are. I love it!!!!
Apr 06, 2013
I think I got someone's return!
I ordered two eyeglass holders, one vinyl and one tapestry. The vinyl holder was obviously a return sent out again. The furry lining was unglued and falling out. I tried to glue it but ultimately threw the holder out. The tapestry one was fine.
Mar 15, 2013
Attractive and Convenient
I bought 3 to provide an attractive easy place to safely store extra glasses. Now if I can only remember to put the glasses in them, this would be perfect! And I would only have to look in a few places to find my glasses. Working on forming the new habit.
Mar 11, 2013
great product would buy again
very pretty and useful. I love it
Mar 10, 2013
Eye glass holder
Very handy by my bedside! Thanks for great product.
Mar 04, 2013
Great product
It works great for placing my glasses when not in use. I love them.
Mar 03, 2013
love this
this great for anything that needs to stand up. better then a glass container. i use it for remotes,sciccers,pins,rullers, and much more and wont tip over and wont break.
Feb 25, 2013
Eyeglass holder
I have plastic lens, and I ordered an eyeglass holder. I keep it in the bathroom,put my glasses in it night while getting ready for bed. while I shower, and while I put makeup on and do my hair. I'm go to bought this for friend and family for gifts. I love mine
Feb 02, 2013
eyeglass holder
Bedside eyeglass holder while sleeping
Jan 28, 2013
You will love it!
It's very nice product and I love it!
Jan 24, 2013
I love mine. It is nice looking & right by my chair. It keeps my glasses safe & protected.
Jan 17, 2013
Eueglass Holders
I use my six eyeglass holders all over the house and at work. I'm forever losing my glasses and these holders make it easy to put down and can hold up to two sets of glasses - I just make sure the lenses are toward the liner. I have one of the holders in my car - fits in cup holder - is great for reading maps, etc. I wouldn't change them for the world. Excellent buy!!!
Jan 12, 2013
CUDDLY AND COZY home for my glasses!
Loved this so much i bought 5 more for gifts and 1 more for me so i have one in the bathroom and one on my head board - these are great and NOT available in stores any where i could find - this is a great buy!
Jan 07, 2013
Best purchase I have made for my glasses
I know longer have to just lay my glasses down on the counter or on my nite stand. I always know where my glasses are? They are always in the glass holder when I am not using them.
Jan 01, 2013
Great by the bedside at night
I put my glasses in the holder to prevent knocking them off the nightstand at night and keep them from being scratched.
Dec 19, 2012
I also ordered one for a gift but have yet to receive it!
Dec 07, 2012
One for my glasses and one for the remot
Very nice and practical. I had to have two.
Dec 01, 2012
Love this item
Great for glasses
Nov 26, 2012
Lining not plush enough. Not too well ma
Shipment was fast.
Oct 24, 2012
LOVE this product!!!
I usally have my glasses in this case but for the past week or so since I have been getting ready to go away for about a month I found it very handy to keep my pens and a small note pad so everytime someone calls or I have to call them I always have something next to me to take notes on.. After the new year my eye glasses will return to the holder which I am looking forward to.. :)
Oct 19, 2012
Just what I needed
I am always losing my eyeglasses or breaking them, this holder helps me to keep them safe and handy.
Oct 09, 2012
good deal
now i can find my glasses
Sep 30, 2012
love it, will buy 2 more
really love this eyeglass holder, so attractive, sturdy and keeps glass within hands reach. I just wish I had brought a couple more for the office, kitchen...wherever I need reading glasses.
Sep 13, 2012
Great for side table
I like having a place to park my glasses safely everynight.It is so convient to reach for every morning.Would make an attractive gift!
Aug 31, 2012
Keep glasses handy
This was a gift to my husband. He uses glasses for reading and for the computer, therefore, they need to be close by. I had already purchased a holder for my glasses, so I was aware of how handy it is.
Aug 30, 2012
Jun 23, 2012
right for grandson to know where they ar
I had already purchased one and my grandson recently was prescribed glassed...He could never remember where he took them off or where he had placed them...he saw mine and said he would always know where they were if he had one like that....I really enjoy using mine...don't have to worry about scratches and scrapes nor fingerprints...easy to use and great purchase!!!!
Apr 23, 2012
my mother loves it,great item!
Great Service
Apr 05, 2012
A Must Have!
Love my eyeglass holders. I have one, purchased one for my husband and one for a gift. We keep our reading/computer glasses in one place. Doesn't take up much space and you just slip the glasses in. Keeps them clean and handy at all times!
Apr 01, 2012
Great to know where my glasses are
Protects the lenses from scratches
Mar 25, 2012
My Glasses love it!
I bought 2 of these years ago, (maybe 20 yrs ago), gave one away & my husband uses the other one.. Now we don't have to fight over it....
Mar 21, 2012
A must-have for your nightstand
I used to find my glasses in the bed or on the floor in the morning, but now I know where they are and they are protected through the night when I am not wearing them. I bought one for myself and two for my daughter and son-in-law. We all use them every night and love having them. They are a must-have!
Mar 14, 2012
Eyeglass Holders
The eyeglass holders are a great product. They hold the glasses very well, and do not tip over. It was a great purchase.
Mar 12, 2012
Great for BR and LR/Office
I have had one of these that I bought years ago from Harriet Carter. Several months ago, I bought another one, since I now have three pairs of glasses (general use, readers, and computer glasses). Soon I will be buying a third. They are much more convenient that moving glasses in and out of cases. I have one in my bedroom on a nightstand (where I will probably put a second one) and one on my computer desk. They fit three sizes of frames perfectly.
Mar 05, 2012
I would buy this product again it makes
Gave this to my 80 year old Mother because she could never find her glasses. She loved it so much that I got her another. Nowq she knows just where her glasses are all the time.
Mar 04, 2012
Great place to keep your glasses.
They don't fall off the nightstand anymore.
Mar 01, 2012
It is helpful
"Always remember where glasses are.
Feb 21, 2012
great for gifts loved them
It is great got one for me and my husband we love it.
Feb 15, 2012
I purchased two. One for each end of the house. I was always laying my glasses down and had to hunt and hunt to find them. Now, I have a holder within a few steps of each end of the house. I make myself use them.... wal-laa NO MORE HUNTING! The holder is fairly attractive and one of the best things I have ever purchased for myself.
Feb 13, 2012
Great holder for glasses!!
Keep on night stand so I can get glasses quickly without glasses being scratched up nor the furniture.
Feb 11, 2012
Just What I Needed!
I use my eyeglass holder every night. It's a perfect fit for my decor and protects my glasses perfectly. AND, I always know where I left my glasses the night before!
Feb 08, 2012
Eye glass savers for al!
We use our products by the computers and our lounge chairs while watching TV. Great purchase!
Feb 08, 2012
Now I can find my glasses!
Now my glasses don't get scratched or dirty because I now know where they are!
Feb 07, 2012
We are very satisfied with our eyeglass.
We are very satisfied with our eyeglass holders. The arrived exactly as pictured in the catalog. This fits a need that we have had for some time.
Jan 24, 2012
Totally Love it!
Now I have a place for everything including my glasses.
Jan 21, 2012
I bought the leather look eyeglass holder for my husband. He wears reading glasses. He uses his holder in his car and finds it to be helpful for keeping his glasses at the ready. The tapestry eyeglass holder is for me. I must wear eyeglasses in order to see. I have the holder sitting on my nightstand so that I can readily find my glasses when I wake up in the morning. This is a really nice product and functions well.
Jan 19, 2012
Fine gift on any age
I use this product in the form of a gift
Jan 19, 2012
Absolutely perfect !!
My wife absolutely loves this.
Jan 18, 2012
Love These eyeglass protectors!
These are ideal to put into other rooms so you don't have to carry them around. It is nice that my eye glasses are readily available and protect them (bed stand, computer etc.).
Jan 16, 2012
Eyeglass Holder
I don't misplace my eye glasses anymore. I can find them when I get up from bed.
Jan 12, 2012
Do you know where your glasses are?
I love knowing where my computer glasses are!! Getting older is not fun, but this holder makes it so much easier.
Jan 06, 2012
This product is worth for older people.
They are greatly used for older peoples.
Dec 28, 2011
Opening too tight for glasses
It looks nice, but the opening for the glasses is too small. My glasses have to be forced in, which could scratch the lens
Dec 28, 2011
Great Purchase
I love this eyeglass holder. The ladies is so cute and husband loves the other. Great idea that keeps eyeglasses from falling off nightstand and keeps them upright from dust.
Dec 26, 2011
Wonderful item
Great protection for my wife's glasses. She loves it.
Dec 21, 2011
No More Misplaced Readers
I got 3 of these and placed them in the livingroom, bedroom, and bathroom. These are great as we previously were on a constant search for readers and now they have their own homes. I will be ordering more to add to other rooms of the house.
Dec 18, 2011
This is exactly what I was looking for.
This doesn' take up too much space on my nightstand. It looks nice too. I really can't find anything wrong with it. Thinking of getting some more for gifts.
Dec 03, 2011
Seems to be good quality
I purchased these eye cases to give as Christmas gifts. Just opened one (black)and was satisfied with the look and quality.
Nov 30, 2011
eye glass holders
very useful
Nov 23, 2011
Happy in Carolina
This eyeglass holder is perfect for my nightstand. It protects the lenses from fingerprints when I reach for my glasses in the dark. It also is the perfect place to stow a couple of individually-wrapped cough drops, (which I used to fumble for and knock on the floor). This item is attractive and perfect for my needs.
Nov 22, 2011
love this
I bought this to put on my end table in the living room. I am forever laying down my reading glasses and not being able to find them. Liked this so well, I bought one for the bedroom. Also, bought more for Christmas gifts. Everyone who sees them wants one.
Nov 21, 2011
keeps glasses scratch free and I know were they are
Nov 19, 2011
Great Item
Bought two of the simulated leather eyeglass holders for my husband. I bought a similar item from the store and it fell apart after a couple of days. These are very well constructed and the lining is quite plush ... a nice cushion for eyeglasses. A great product for the money.
Nov 17, 2011
We can always find them
Always find glasses.
Nov 11, 2011
I bought four of these, me and my husband both wear glasses. We put one on each side of the bed, and one in each bathroom where we shower.I shopped everywhere for these and Harriet Carter matched or had a better price including shipping. We love them because if you wear glasses you know that there is nothing worse than finding your glasses in the floor especially in the dark.Great quality!!!!!
Nov 07, 2011
I am very happy with the eyeglass holder
this makes me feel safer - than leaving my glasses flat on the nightstand
Nov 02, 2011
it is just what i was looking for
i am giving 4 of these as gifts - hope they enjoy it as much as i do -
Oct 31, 2011
Novel Idea
While the leather case seems a bit tight, I haven't yet taken time to see how/if I can adjust it to receive glasses without having to slightly push into case. The patterned case has perfect fit. I can say I'm extremely pleased that I no longer have to place glasses directly on desk or night stand leaving them exposed. Overall, I'm very happy with this product.
Oct 28, 2011
Excellent product - very pleased with th
Great Product
Oct 07, 2011
Perfect glasses holder
I love knowing where my glasses are when I get up in the morning and they are not being all scratched up when they fall on the floor or under the bed! Also the cases are well made and stay in place and are the right size filled with the soft lining not to scratch lenses.
Oct 06, 2011
takes up a small space on my desk and I can always find my glasses....no more chains around the neck!
Sep 20, 2011
Just what I needed
Keeps my glassed in reach and safe from scratches.
Sep 20, 2011
No more loosing readying glasses
My mother ordered the eye glass holder as gifts for her sisters and mother. I've ordered them as gifts for my mother- and sister-in-law and now they are ordering as gifts for their friends and relatives. We've all misplaced our reading glasses and with these attractive holders, they are always in their place and easy to fine. I actually have several throughout the house to store our glasses.
Sep 16, 2011
love this item. wish i had bought it soo
its convenient to put my glasses in at bedtime. keeps the safe.
Sep 06, 2011
Eyeglass Holders
This is the second time I have Ordered this eyeglass holder. I am extremely pleased with this product and will recommend it to everyone.
Aug 02, 2011
Very Useful
Keeps glasses safe and easy to find.
Jul 25, 2011
Eyeglass Holder
Now my husband has no excuse for losing his glasses...if he puts them in the eyeglass holder, that is.
May 23, 2011
Works great, looks great
I use them to save my glass lens from scratches, no more hunting for my glasses and give them as gifts.
May 22, 2011
Great Product
Love it Love it Love it. Should have bought it along time ago.
May 19, 2011
Eyeglass holder is a Handy Item
This keeps my glasses from falling on the floor and then getting stepped on.
May 18, 2011
Love them...taller than some and sturdy.
I need several eyeglass holders to protect my several pairs of glasses! Besides preventing damage, they serve as place I can always leave them and FIND them when too busy or memory fails.."Dang...where did I put my glasses?!" Haven't had them very long so no negative comments.
May 18, 2011
Eyeglass Holder
Now I always know where my glasses are.
May 18, 2011
I would encourage everyone to get these
they are really nice, take my advise and get them, you will truly enjoy them
May 11, 2011
this is great
I don't lose my glasses anymore
May 02, 2011
I would buy this product again.
Now I can always find my glasses!
Apr 27, 2011
my husband an I like them
easy to find glasses in the morning not knocking them off stand looking for them
Apr 15, 2011
wonderful convenient product
Place the holder on your desk, bedtable, bathroom shelf, anywhere you need to remove your eyeglasses! My granddaughters and nephews love the ones I got for them. Provides safe, clean place to store those expensive glasses. I have one in the office where I store my computer glasses overnight, and my "seeing" glasses during the day while I'm working.
Apr 07, 2011
this product is great
They are reasonably priced, sufficient for the use and fit in any decor!
Mar 21, 2011
just the thing for safety
safely keeps glasses during nightime hours
Mar 17, 2011
for wifes desk she loves it
store glasses
Mar 14, 2011
Like it very much
We really like the eye glass holder. With the last order that gives us 3 and we use them all. Helps me to keep my glasses from getting scratched and we always know where they are.
Mar 10, 2011
Eyeglass Hugger
I use this by the bed - no more fumbling in the dark for my glasses when I wake up. Also don't have to worry about my glasses being scratched by just putting in the nightstand. Love it.
Mar 10, 2011
Wonderful Product
Love these they are great and very attractive
Mar 09, 2011
Can Find At First Glance !!!
These Eyeglass holders are the best,, we have both of them they are high quality and your glasses are in one place don't have to go looking for them! You also don't have to worry about scratching the eyeglasses because you are not setting them down, they go into a fur lined glass holder! Love these and know where my glasses are at all times! Thanks so much!!!
Mar 07, 2011
I got one and I loved so I got two more for my husband and son!!
Mar 06, 2011
I would buy this for a gift
I love this glass holder. I purchased 3 of them as I have one beside me, my husband has one beside him and there is one on the desk where husband can put his sunglasses when he come in the door. they are just great and look good .
Feb 24, 2011
Eyeglass holder review
I now have a safe place for my glasses, No more scratching the lenses because I really have no safe place to put them at night before I fall asleep. I always know where to look first, so no more hunting for my glasses! I love this handy little holder.
Nov 28, 2010
very good
very good
Nov 27, 2010
its handy
I keep it at my desk where I use my glasses the most and now I always know where they are
Nov 26, 2010
Convient remembered location.
Able to put glasses in "safe place" and find them easily when needed.
Nov 25, 2010
Very User Friendly
I use it to hold my glasses at night, they stay unscathed and it tends to wipe them off when I put it into the case and take them out. Great idea.
Nov 18, 2010
I've been looking for these for a long time
Nov 12, 2010
Great product
blends in, looks good
Oct 26, 2010
works just fine
product works just fine
Oct 09, 2010
I'd buy one for everyone in the family.
Eyeglasses will never be misplaced or scratched again. Great little item for anyone who wears glasses. Also great for when you come in the house with sunglasses on. Never have to search the house over for them when you are ready to leave again. They will always be in their little holder.
Oct 03, 2010
Safe Keeper for your glasses!!!!!!
We are always loosing our glasses, but, since we purchased the holders, the glasses go in there and we know where they are.
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