Track Brushes (C7327)

$9.98 for a set of 2
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2-in-one cleaning brush set goes where no sponge can fit! Ultra-thin brush effortlessly fits into and cleans window, shower and sliding glass door tracks, and all the other teeny crevices where dust and dirt accumulate. The scraper end loosens and removes caked-on grime and soap residue. Curved handle has built-in finger grips for a secure hold. Durable poly. Set of 2;
each 8" L.


Based on 14 reviews
Mar 31, 2017
Love It!
I use one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. Great shape, easy to use, cleans up well. Just a super brush to clean around the edge of the faucets and sinks. Love it!
Feb 19, 2017
ALWAYS keep some on hand!
A fabulous little tool! We have a sliding glass door that leads out into our dog kennel. 3 giant and 2 large dogs use the door multiple times a day, causing the slides to eventually get dirty enough to cause problems opening and closing the slider and screen door. Before I found these brushes, I spent at least half an hour once a week TRYING to keep them clear. Now it takes me 5 minutes!!! Such a timesaver. I use one dry, and get as much out as I can.... then use the other wet, and dry out with a paper towel. MUCH EASIER!!!
Sep 24, 2016
Jun 09, 2016
Track Brushes
This was a gift for my sister. She loved it so much she had me order one for her two daughters.
Apr 26, 2016
It's very good to reach those hard to reach places.
Apr 20, 2016
Must have tool for cleaning window channels.
I clean window channels (21)and doors (5) twice a year. This tool makes it so much easier. One day to clean instead of a week. Handle is great, easy to hold. Cleans better than anything I have used.
Feb 12, 2016
great design brush
This brush is made for getting into the spaces you just cannot seem to reach and the hand hold is comfortable when using it.
Sep 21, 2015
Great to have around the house
fits well in the tracks of windows and screens, works well in the corners that you can't get with your fingers, light weight and very easy to use.
Sep 02, 2015
They work!
I could not find anything to clean the tracks of my windows at stick stores, and was so happy to find these brushes. The bristles are 1 1/2" long, and nylon. They get down into the track and collect the dirt that has accumulated. To me, it was a bonus that it comes in a 2-pack.
Jan 02, 2015
Really helpful
My deck door was getting hard to slide, but once the track was cleaned out well I didn't even need to lubricate it. I used it on the shower tracks too. I still hate cleaning, but this did make those easier.
Dec 10, 2014
It works!!
I had tried a host of different brushes, but never could find one that actually cleaned the tracks, but this little thing made the job very easy.
Nov 03, 2014
Underrated product
The most efficient and time-saving tool I've ever used to clean window tracks.
Aug 01, 2014
Track Brushes
I already own one of these brushes so knew what I was getting. They are terrific for so many things. I need to have them in more places so now I have three. Don't hesitate - buy.
Jul 20, 2014
great for cleaning window tracks
the brush is great because it fits in so many narrow spaces and the scraper on the handle works great
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