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SANI STICKS™ KEEP DRAIN PIPES CLEAN and CLEAR ALL YEAR! Just one enzyme stick a month is enough to break down and digest organic and grease build-up in drain pipes. Keeps sinks and tubs clog-and odor-free! Sticks are biodegradable and earth-friendly. You get a set of 24—enough to keep 2 household drains clog-free for a year!  New Lemon Scent available.


Based on 10 reviews
May 27, 2017
No where did it saw it would unclog a drain you bozo its soposed to,get rid of smells
Mar 04, 2017
Does not work
after using this my drain was still blocked up .Do not buy this call a plumer
Feb 02, 2017
It awesome!!!
Not comments everything is alright.
Jan 06, 2017
I was shocked -- they work!
I originally got these as a door prize at some silly party. I tried them and was totally shocked that they worked! Start with a clean drain. Lift up the drain plug in a bathroom sink, and insert one stick every month. If there's no drain plug to life, just drop in one stick. That's all there is to it. Drains run freely, no smells, I've used these for almost 20 years now, in two different houses, and I've only had a backed up drain once -- when my husband poured a bunch of bacon fat straight into the drain....
Jan 03, 2017
Would buy again!
It works, i have no more smell from kitchen sink. Also helps keep drains free of clogs.
Dec 27, 2016
Didn't live up to its promise
I thoroughly cleaned my kitchen drain prior to using the Sani Stick. I never put grease down my drain, either. After about two weeks, the odor was back. So much for "one stick lasts a full month".
Dec 18, 2016
Happy with this purchase - it has eliminated the drain odor.
Dec 15, 2016
Happy with results!
Very happy with these sticks. My place is very old and the drains had a musty smell. I have used these for two full months and noticed a big difference. ??
Aug 26, 2016
They do keep the drain fresh smelling. I have only use once
kitchen sink
Jul 09, 2016
Stops the smell!
This product really does help with smelly drains!
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